How to Safe Exercise In Extreme Heat

How to Safe Exercise In Extreme Heat In summer, you can healthily do exercise due to the temperature outside and in the gym, as well as having a supply of water.

Any training on the street at a temperature above 30-35°C – is dangerous to health. And, even if classes are held at home or in the gym, it is also important to adhere to the temperature and drinking regime, monitor the intensity of training, and not overload the heart.

Is it possible to train outdoors in the heat?

Even if you train regularly on the street, the conditions change in the heat and it is important to adapt to them. At an air temperature above 30-35°C, any active physical activities are dangerous. Because in such weather conditions the load on the heart increases sharply, plus the risk of overheating increases many times.

Not only sunstroke is dangerous, but also heat – you do not need to be in the sun, you can overheat at high temperatures in the shade. Especially the risk of heatstroke increases with high humidity.

Therefore at exercise in a hot season, it is important:

  • take into account the air temperature,
  • choose the right time to train.

And when is it better to train, in the morning or the evening?

The main thing – not at the peak of solar activity: if you train outdoors, it is best to do it in the evening. Or go to the gym, where the air is cooled: but in the room, the temperature should be 21-22°C. This is an ideal temperature for the gym, at which you can comfortably train.

It is undesirable to go in for sports, run or train in the morning because the blood flow in the body is still slow at this time. And to give the heart and blood vessels from the morning heavy loads are undesirable.

If you do not have the opportunity to train in the evening, you can exercise in the morning, but only 1-2 hours after waking up. But only if the temperature outside has not yet reached 30°C. Also, in the heat, carefully choose places for training.

Where better to train in the heat on the street?

If your favorite playground, where you are used to exercising, is in the open sun, you need to find another that will be in the shade. Or exercise in the evening, when you can avoid direct sunlight.

If your activity includes running, stretching, and so on, train in shady parks or squares, where you can hide from the sun.

And another important point – do not overdo it during training.

And with what intensity you can train in the heat?

The intensity of training in hot weather should be medium. Even if you train in a cool gym – do not forget that on the street, where you then go out, the heat and the risk of sunstroke or overheating are also high. If you are used to warming up quickly and then gaining a high pace, you should slow down.

In hot weather, give up pace acceleration (compared to your usual speed in the cooler season), and also give up strength training during the heat. And don’t forget to drink water.

How to drink water during summer training?

  • Drink in small sips throughout the workout – a bottle of clean drinking water should always be around.
  • It is wrong to come to the gym or the sports ground and drink the whole bottle in one gulp, and then train.
  • When training in the gym, it is recommended to drink an average of a glass of water every half hour.
  • Also, wear comfortable clothes, they should not interfere with your training and increase overheating.

And what is the best way to train when it’s hot?

In the lightest sports things: a light T-shirt and shorts or light pants. It is better not to wear things made of cotton, they soak up sweat quickly and do not remove moisture. And do not use deodorant before training, you need and it will be important to sweat.

If you haven’t trained before, the heat is not the best time to start.

How to become more active in the heat, if you have never trained?

  • Start walking more – but not in the heat and not in the open sun.
  • Stock up on drinking water and comfortable shoes and start walking.
  • If you have problems with joints, posture, or sore legs – then even before walking you should consult a doctor.

You may need orthopedic shoes, and the specialist will recommend other feasible activities for you, which can be implemented in the less hot season.

Even for a healthy person in the heat is important to drink plenty of water during exercise. Also, prevent overheating, reduce training intensity and prevent strong heart rate (not more than 120-140 beats per minute) so as not to overload the heart.

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