5 Techniques To Improve Your Weight Training

5 Techniques To Improve Your Weight TrainingA standard workout consisting of 3 sets and 10 reps of each activity is great for beginners that are learning the range of motion of exercises as well as growing accustomed to the weight they are capable of using. However, there are a number of exercise variations that can provide additional muscle growth potential. Adapting your routine to include these variations can be an exciting way to step out of the mundane and into a world of new weight training potential. These variations, when used in combination with a quality supplement, can provide compounded benefits. Customer Review has detailed information on these supplements so click here for more info on which ones can enhance your exercise.
Seasoned trainers that are wanting to step up their weight training routine should consider the following exercise tweaks for additional growth-promoting benefits.

1. Superset

Exercise offers optimal results when completed within an hour. After an hour, testosterone levels decrease and cortisol – the stress hormone – levels begin to rise. This can be counterproductive to the benefit of the workout. Supersets can reduce the time spent working out in order to maximize the testosterone levels in the body for improved muscle building potential. Supersets are exercises performed in immediate succession. For example, a set of bicep curls followed back-to-back with a set of tricep extensions. Short breaks should follow supersets before continuing to the next one. Supersets provide an efficient way to get through a workout while keeping your heart rate elevated for maximum fat burning. Supersets may require a decrease in weight when training due to the shortened rest periods. These sets are optimized when focusing on two opposing muscle groups.

2. Density Training

Density training involves maximizing your workload in a specific amount of time. What this essentially entails is setting a specific time-frame in which you perform as many sets of 6 reps of a given exercise in that time frame. For example, you could set a time limit of 10 minutes and attempt to complete, if not more, 10 sets of 5 squats. This training will require you to lighten your load. However, it will allow you to perform extensive training on the selected muscle groups. The benefits of this type of training include the ability to accurately determine your optimal workout duration. Furthermore, density training can prove extremely effective if weight loss and strengthening are your primary goals as it maximizes your output and burns more calories.

3. Drop Sets

The drop set technique involves performing as many reps as you can in a set before failure and then reducing the weight and repeating. This activity is extremely effective at building lean muscle mass and is an efficient method to improve blood flow for an enhanced workout. What makes these sets work is that they use different muscle fibers as the weight decreases, helping you achieve total muscle growth. Trainers should not rest in between each drop set and should continue until complete failure. This puts extreme strain on the muscles for optimal growth potential.

4. 21’s

21’s are a bicep-specific weight training technique that provides optimal muscle growth potential. This practice involves completing 21 bicep curls in three 7-rep intervals. To do 21’s, trainers should choose any bicep exercise. From a resting position, bring the weight up to a 90-degree angle to your bicep (half a rep) before controlling it back down. Complete 7 of these half reps. To start the second interval, bring the weight up to a 90-degree angle to your bicep. This is your starting position. Lift the weight up until you have reached the top of the curl before controlling it back down to the 90-degree starting position. Complete 7 of these half reps. The final interval requires you to complete 7 full bicep curls. This exercise is known for its total bicep benefits and should be considered if you are looking for increased arm size.

5. Rest-Pause Reps

This technique is categorized by breaking down sets into smaller mini-sets with short breaks between them. These sets can promote building of lean muscle mass and strengthening. To complete this technique you will need to begin with a 10 rep set of your chosen weight. Take a 15s break before lifting the weight and performing reps until failure. Take another short break before repping until failure once more. This technique provides deeper strain to the muscle fibers for improved growth potential, thus providing an efficient way to build lean mass.

By adapting your regular routine to incorporate these exercise variations you can reap the benefits of improved muscle building, increased weight loss and boosted energy.

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