Exercises To Relieve Neck And Back Pain

Exercises For Neck And Back Pain ReliefDo you want to get rid of back and neck pain? So, you will have to get used to regular exercise and new daily habits.

Muscle contracture causes back and neck pain

Contractures are injuries that occur when muscles are tense for too long.

When this happens, so-called knots appear. This is the result of the muscles being unable to return to a relaxed state.

Muscle contracture increases depending on muscle strength. So, the weaker the muscles, the more pain you will feel.

Because we don’t use our neck and back to pick up or hold weighty things, they are very sensitive areas. For the same reason, we don’t really care about them. We remember that we have them only when we feel the signs of pain.

Therefore, it is important to do exercises to reduce tension and strengthen muscles. You will also have to make some changes in your life to reduce stress; if not, your muscles will be constantly tense.

Exercises that help relieve back and neck pain

Before starting these exercises, make sure that you are sitting in the correct position. The lotus position is recommended, but if you can’t, make sure your back is very straight.

Then practice breathing. It is very important to do this because the body depends on it to be fully oxygenated.

Ideally, you should breathe slowly: when you inhale, fill your stomach and empty it when you exhale. Thus, you will reach a state of relaxation, which will allow you to get rid of tension.

1. Turn your head left and right

  • Start turning in different directions, but keep your neck in the center.
  • Be sure to remember that exercise should be gradual. Otherwise, the risk of damage will increase significantly.
  • Repeat the exercise five times for each side.

2. Tilt your head back

  • Do the exercise carefully with a straight back.
  • First, tilt your head back. Then bend to the chin.
  • Repeat the exercise five times as before.

3. Tilt your head from one side to the other

Make sure your ears are parallel to your hands. If you perform the exercise suddenly, you may feel a cramp or a pulled muscle.

  • Perform graceful movements and rest for a few seconds with the neck centered.
  • Repeat five times.

4. Turn your head to relieve back pain

It’s time to make a full circle, starting from the starting position. If your back is crooked or your neck is misaligned, you will feel harmful pressure in the cervical spine.

  • Begin the rotation from the right side and make sure that when you complete the rotation, your chin touches your chest.
  • Do five rotations and start from the beginning, this time on the left side.

5. Stretch the cervical spine

  • Turn your face to the right and slightly lower your chin without tension.
  • Then take your hand to the top of the head from behind and gently push down.
  • Make sure your arms are relaxed.
  • Hold the position for ten seconds.
  • Do the same on the left side.

6. Schedule time for fun and relaxation

Finally, we want to remind you that back and neck pain can also be a result of stress. Therefore, in addition to these exercises, try to devote free time to yourself.

Make a list of the activities you enjoy the most and make them a part of your daily life. Some people allow themselves to have fun only after they have fulfilled all their duties.

So schedule time for fun and relaxation. This strategy will allow you to devote time to yourself. Good health is a combination of excellent physical and mental health.

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