Step-by-Step Guide for Exercising in a Gym

Step-by-Step Guide for Exercising in a GymYou decided to start studying in the gym and do not know where to start ?! Here are some very important tips that will help you quickly and without harm to health merge into the rut of sports life.

The key to success is consistency

If you decide to go in for sports, do it right. The key to success is the consistency of training, there are no breaks for more than 2-3 days, otherwise used to muscle loads, you have to train from scratch. The most effective schedule is to visit the gym 2-3 times a week with interruptions of 2 (in extreme cases 3) a day, while alternating aerobic and power loads.

Warm-up is a must for training

Perhaps the most important advice for any kind of sport is a warm-up. As much as you are not pressed for time and no matter how you try to reduce your workout to a minimum, never, never, never neglect the warm-up. For effective training, it is necessary to warm up the muscles, this will help to avoid injuries and strains during intense loads. The average warm-up time is 10-15 minutes, at which time light basic tilts, twists, turns, squats and arms and legs are performed, this promotes warming and stretching of the muscles, raising the body temperature, preparing the heart muscle for exercise. Basic exercises for warm-up in the gym can be replaced, for lessons on a treadmill, exercise bike or cross-trainer. Only after this, it is possible to start the basic power exercises.

Duration of training

If you are first encountered with exercises in the gym, you should clearly understand that you can sit in the hall for days and not achieve positive results. This is due to the fact that the body is exhausted and the effectiveness of the exercises falls, moreover, greatly overworking the muscles today, tomorrow you can not give them any load at all. If you are worried about severe muscle pain, do not start training otherwise it can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, the most effective duration of training for a beginner is 45-60 minutes, 15-20 of which is a warm-up, for a seasoned athlete the duration of training is 75-80 minutes.

Slower pace – greater efficiency

Believe no effect except fatigue and stretching of the muscles with this you will not achieve. Do not focus on the speed of the exercise, but on its correctness and optimization. To do this, the power part of the exercise, and part of the return to the starting position, is done on 3-4 accounts. For example, we squat for 3-4 accounts and get up on 3-4 accounts. This approach to performing exercises is considered more effective and less traumatic. Rest between approaches should last no more than 60-90 seconds, and a break between exercises 3-5 minutes.

Gradual increase in load – exclusion of injuries

With regular classes in the gym to avoid damage and stretching of the muscles, it is necessary to gradually increase the force load. At the initial stage, the load and weight of the shells should be reduced to a minimum (depending on the physical preparation), increasing the level of force load on the muscles every week.

Stretching – the last stage of training

The last and mandatory stage in the gym is stretching. The average duration of this stage is 5-10 minutes, stretching should be aimed at those muscle groups to which the strength exercises were directed. This allows you to accelerate the faster process of recovery and relaxation of muscles.

Remember that for effective training, you should also show perseverance, because there are no easy ways on the way to achieving the goal, work on yourself and the results will not be long in coming.

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