Why We Should Sit Less

Why We Should Sit LessOffice work is not a hard physical work. That work in the field or in the mine is another matter, and really hard. And to sit 8 hours in a comfortable chair in front of the monitor – it’s you do not dig the ground!

But it turns out that quiet sedentary work in a cozy office is capable of inflicting harm to our body no less, and sometimes more, than hard physical labor.

Reduce harm

Let’s start with computers. If you sit in front of the screen, not only your eyes will be affected, but many more.

For example, the figure (hypodynamia leads to obesity), as well as the organs of the small pelvis (stagnation of blood in the lower body – the threat of gynecological ailments) and even the respiratory system (the air around the working computer becomes very dry).
Fortunately, it is not difficult to reduce potential harm.

Eyes will get tired less if:

The monitor is moved away from the face, and the center of the screen is located opposite the eyes (by the way, if it was on the side – this is bad not only for the eyes, but for the spine).

Work table to put sideways to the window. The place opposite the window creates a glare on the monitor, impairing sight.

Avoid multicolor on the screen (use no more than three colors). More comfortable for eyes bluish-gray or greenish-yellow background of the screen.

After every hour of work at the computer, make five-minute breaks for gymnastics for the eyes (squint, blink, rotate eyes, move the sight from the tip of the nose to any distant object outside the window).

With a regularly occurring sensation of sand in the eyes (popular today, dry eye syndrome) seek help from an ophthalmologist. The doctor will write out special drops that mimic a natural tear.

It is necessary, it is necessary to be cleaned!

Harmful dust will not settle in your lungs, if before and after work you will wipe the monitor with a special napkin for cleaning computers (well, or slightly moistened with a cloth or sponge).

Remember that regular wet cleaning of the workplace prevents the buildup of the potential of the electrostatic field, and static electricity does not benefit health. Note that you need to wipe not only the computer itself, but also the keyboard – a breeding ground for microbes. And do not forget to wash your hands with soap after working on the computer. Especially if you’re going to have a snack.

To increase the humidity around the aquarium will help. Do not like fish – put a vase of water (better in the form of a ball) on the desktop or several cacti – all these are good means of combating dry air and static electricity. And do not forget to ventilate the room as often as possible.

Do not strain

But most of all sedentary work suffers from the  musculoskeletal system. After all, hypodynamia is the most dangerous factor of all that causes premature aging of the spine. To delay the development of osteochondrosis, or at least protect yourself from its complications, ask the bosses to install the right furniture in the office (special computer chairs with an anatomical back), master the right posture during work and defend your right to periodic physical training.

Most people sit at work like this: the shoulders are slightly raised, the head is pushed forward or turned to the side. At the same time, the neck is tightened and the occipital muscles are strained. If you stay in this position for a long time, there will be stagnation in the vertebral arteries, which threatens to damage the blood supply to the brain. This causes at least headaches, fatigue and poor memory. And there is close to hypertension and apoplexy.
Therefore, whenever possible, change the pose more often while sitting, and try to strain your muscles less. If you feel that you are tense, a little on the chair, shrug your shoulders, shake your hands and feet.

If you can not afford a full workout at work, then at least just get up from the table, stretch, raising your hands up. But it’s better to leave the workplace every two hours of continuous work for 15-20 minutes (a break for 5 minutes – every hour). You can just walk along the corridor at this time.

A useful exercise from the swollen waist is a circular rotation of the pelvis (legs on the width of the shoulders, hands on the waist). Excellent self-massage helps. It is especially useful to stretch the collar zone and hands. Cervical osteochondrosis is the most frequent phenomenon in office employees, and computer mouse syndrome is the most popular associated disease.

Without getting up from the place

By the way, you can do exercises without taking the fifth point from the chair. Such production gymnastics will not be noticed. So, do all the sitting movements.

Exercises for the hands.

Pull your arms forward and try to move them. The movements can be different: clenching into the cam, patting, massage.

To prevent pain in the neck and numbness in the hands.

Place the chin on your hands, bent at the elbows, and push them, while trying to turn your head sideways or tilt it.

Repeat 3-4 times.

To prevent pain in the area of ​​scapula and breast.

Push the back of the chair with your waist and shoulder blades.

Hold on to the chair seat and try to lift yourself up with him.

Put your elbows on the table and press on it for 5-7 seconds.

Repeat 3-4 times.

If the work is not fun, then the person is unhappy. He is not happy with the new day, he is irritable … And if the work is your favorite, you are in harmony, living in the full sense of the word. And most importantly – I want to achieve more, go to a new professional level.

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