Designing the Ideal Workplace

Designing the Ideal Workplace

Workplaces were always meant to be commercial spaces that were best used for productive work and revenue-generating activities, and they still do. However, we want our modern-day workspaces to be perfectly ‘versatile’ in every sense of the term. For instance, we want our workstations to have office furniture that would let us work effectively and stretch out at the same time.

Then again, we desire our office workspace, to sometimes double up as entertainment zones, and resting places at other times. Simply put, the 21st century office or workplace needs to cater to all sorts of demand by employers and employees, yet fulfill the primary purpose for which was created in the first place-productivity. Abide by the following tips to get the most out of your workspace-to encourage creativity on one hand, and to make everybody feel at home.

1. Your personality and workwear can breed workspace design ideas

Since your persona mirrors who you are as a person, it does not need to be exaggerated that you’ve already spent a lot of time, energy and resources in shaping your personality. At the same time, you spend sufficient time in front of the mirror everyday in grooming yourself every day before stepping out. So, when it comes to settling on a particular trend as far as designing your workplace is concerned, you can turn to yourself.

What workwear you put on daily and the items or accessories that you carry regularly can offer clues to the sort of office workspace you wish to have. Do you tend to carry small notebooks that are replete with appointment schedules and tasks you intend to complete on any given day? Then it would be appropriate to design a workstation with enough space for drawers and cabinets.    

2. Flexibility in seating arrangement can go a long way in boosting business

Surely, you’d want your workplace to be a hubbub of activity where clients are constantly walking in through the front door and employees wired to their desks knee-deep in work? Productivity and consequently, business often receives a boost when your staff and clients are able to interact freely and in a relaxed manner. Communication happens effectively and uninterruptedly when seating arrangement allows one and all to sit, move, and walk about flexibly. There should be flexibility with regards to how you place and arrange the chairs, desks, and other items of office furniture.

3. Creativity thrives when eardrums are treated to music

More often than not, employees belonging to the lower echelons of an organization’s hierarchical structure have to work in a common workspace. Needless to say, sharing a workstation can encourage exchange of ideas and boost teamwork but on the other end, can get noisome at times. What is the remedy?

Tuning your ears to music, any genre that you prefer, including but not limited to pop, rock, electronic, heavy metal, country music or even movie soundtracks can go a long way in inculcating cogitation and analytical work.

4. Select a color spectrum that pacifies you and raises your productivity

Each and every primary color as well as the innumerable shades and hues impacts your work efficiency and concentration. Figure out the color or colors you are most attracted to and the tones that turn you on. Coloring the walls in your office in the shades you prefer and installing office furniture bearing your favorable tints will increase overall work efficiency

5. Embellish the four walls within your office

Hang pictures and paintings on the walls in your chamber as well as in the common workspace shared by employees. You’ll get an ego boost when a client, colleague or subordinate appreciates the piece of Rembrandt or Van Gogh you put up on the walls recently.

6. Windows should not be a distraction

Windows are your vistas to the world outside but more often they end up distracting work and adversely affecting productivity. Install a life-size painting or artwork that hangs low over the window.

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