Timber Boxes – How Far They Can Offer Help When It Comes to Packaging

Timber Boxes - How Far They Can Offer Help When It Comes to PackagingWhen it comes to packaging, transporting, storing and safekeeping of goods (especially delicate objects) the one question that comes to mind is whether to go for plastic or timber boxes. Wooden boxes and cases are favored by many people involved in the packaging and shipping industry. In addition, it has been a popular choice over the plastic options for many decades. A variety of objects including food items, utensils, raw materials, glass pieces, fabrics and a lot more can be packaged using timber cases and can be transported safely to great distances under the superior protection of the wooden cases.

Why timber cases are so much popular as packaging options?

The timber boxes are highly favored over plastic or metal boxes due to the several attributes of the basic material. They are preferred by almost everyone in the packaging industry because of their several beneficial characteristics. A few key benefits of wooden boxes are as follows:

  • Lightweight and strong: One main benefit of timber cases over metal boxes is that they are extremely lightweight which makes them a preferred option for material packaging. When it comes to durability and strength timber cases can outrun all plastic options especially when commercial grade timber cases are used. Timber is known for its structural rigidity and hence can provide superior protection to materials that are encased within the boxes. Plastic boxes do not even last few years while timber cases are really sustainable and can be reused easily after basic cleaning and sanitization.Timber Boxes - How Far They Can Offer Help When It Comes to Packaging
  • Easy to obtain, green, natural product: Good quality timber is widely abundant in nature and is a natural product and hence timber boxes contain all the natural goodness. This is the eco-friendliest way of packaging products as timber is a non-reactive material and is also a poor conductor of heat and electricity. Hence it remains unaltered by temperature fluctuations. Timber can be easily obtained and after each use can be easily recycled using few basic box crafting tools.
  • Affordable and easy to dispose: As timber boxes are easily obtained and manufactured they are quietly affordable compared to other packaging boxes. Their disposal is equally easy and does not affect the environment adversely. Once e timber cases are dismantled, they can be sold quickly in the market and a wide range of other timber products can be crafted from them. If nothing else happens you can use these cases to ignite the fire in your fireplace and combat cold winter.
  • Easy to customize: The timber cases come in a great variety of sizes and shapes. They can easily be customized according to customer’s specific packaging requirements.

    A few downsides of using timber cases:

    Though timber boxes come with numerous benefits these do not completely error-free or perfect. These have some disadvantages as well. For example, timber requires weatherproofing and bug proofing. Termites are widely known foes of the timber. There are some other bugs as well who attack the timber and diminish its strength. Hence, a lot of care and money must be invested to safeguard the wooden boxes from the bugs and the termites.

    Another thing is timber facilitates mold and fungal growth which not only destroys the quality of the boxes but also can affect the stored materials adversely. This is especially applicable for storage of food items. Hence, when timber cases are crafted they should be made resilient against fungus and molds. The timber boxes corrode easily in presence of moisture. These are not waterproof or spill proof either. So, one must keep the boxes in a dry place at all times.

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  1. I like how you mentioned how timber provides superior protection for whatever material is enclosed inside of the packaging. My wife and I are planning on moving to another state, and our neighbors suggested timber packaging as a better way to secure our furniture. I decided to look into it, as I’d never heard of it before, but after reading this it seems to be a great option!

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