Nostalgic Things about Belly Button Rings for Women

Nostalgic Things about Belly Button Rings for WomenBelly button rings were very popular in the 90’s especially with women due to pop culture. More often than not, if you are from the 90’s you probably begged your mother for one. But as crop tops continuously raised in popularity, the belly button rings went south. Listed below are some of the things only women who once had belly button piercings will remember.

Torsos are Sensual

Getting a belly button ring used to be thought of as one of the sexiest things you can do. There was just something about bellies that turn both sexes on.

Rings are Not For Forever

Before, there was that certain thought common to women that the belly button ring will be their first and last jewelry on that area. But after experiencing the hassle of having a captive belly button ring than the other more popular types of jewelry, they could not wait to replace it.

Walk of Fear

Days after getting the piercing, women with belly button rings had the best posture when walking due to their fear that they will accidentally bump into it while it’s still tender and fresh.

Choosing Hoops Over Barbells and Regretting It Big Time

The piercer always asks the client what does she prefer to have as her first belly button jewelry. And there was a time when hoops were the popular first choice…until they regretted it minutes after. This “phenomenon” can be partly due to the fact that it was the first suggestion of most piercers back then to speed up the healing process.

Barbells with Dolphins

Once, the tackier the item, the higher the demand for it. We also do not know what it was like back then but that was the reality. One of the most popular jewelry that time was barbell with a dolphin hanging from it. Some even got it with some gems or Swarovski crystals attached to it.

Careful Shower

After getting a belly button ring, women from the 90s said good bye to carefree showers. Every scrub of loofah or towel was met with an “oh crap” responses either from pain due to snagging of the piercing on a loofah or from the fear of snagging.

Beach Parties as Your Debut Stage

The best feeling every woman with a belly button ring had was when they treated beach parties as their “coming out” parties. Everyone definitely stared and commented a thing or two about their latest bling.

Dread over High-Waisted Things

High-waist clothing can be cute, sexy or sophisticated. But for women with belly button rings, those just spell disaster and pain for them.

Trying to Let Go of the Piercing

Sometimes we spend years being afraid of living our lives without something that then one day, we realize that it is okay to let go. Women from the 90’s have experienced that same feeling with belly button rings. It was just how life turned out for them. One day, they woke up and realized that living in constant fear that their belly button rings will be ripped off from their body was way too much stress than they can handle.

Fear That It May Not Close

After the letting goes part comes the fear that your piercing may never fully close anymore. In that case, there will be a visible hole that will be forever a reminder of how you once held dearly that belly button piercing. And it is okay!

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