Early Warning Signs Of Dementia

Signs of dementia that everyone should knowDementia is a disorder that is usually progressive. It is about the loss of cognitive functions.

Cognitive abilities enable you to remember, think, and perform everyday activities.

However, dementia goes beyond what is considered a normal consequence of aging and is usually a response to other primary or secondary diseases that affect the brain.

According to the World Health Organization, there are about 47.5 million patients with dementia in the world. Every year, doctors diagnose 7.7 million new cases. Today, it causes countless obstacles and addictions among the elderly.

Several treatments can help manage dementia. However, it continues to be an incredible challenge for both patients and their caregivers and family members.

The most disturbing thing is that many people ignore this disease. Although it is quite common, they do not know how it progresses.

Since it is important to know how to detect symptoms to take timely measures, we want to talk about the 8 main signs of dementia.

1. The difficulty of choosing words

First of all, one of the first signs of dementia is difficulty finding the right words to express your thoughts.

Patients who begin to develop this condition may spend several minutes trying to recall a particular word. It could even be a word they use all the time but just can’t remember.

2. Dementia and problems with time orientation

People at high risk of developing this disease have serious difficulties in understanding what is happening in the past, present, and future.

Often, when they talk about deadlines, they don’t understand what it means or tend to confuse the sequence.

3. Short-term memory loss

Problems with short-term memory may seem common, but it’s an early sign of brain wear and tear due to dementia.

The inability to remember important events that happened only hours or days ago is usually an indication that something is wrong with brain function.

When a person with dementia walks into a room, they may also not remember what they wanted to do there.

4. Mood swings

Because of the changes in the brain that occur with dementia, people with this disease often suffer from depressed or irritable moods.

Sudden changes in behavior may be a sign that your cognitive function is deteriorating.

5. Difficulty in performing daily tasks

Another important symptom is difficulty performing many routine or everyday tasks.

A person with cognitive impairment may lose the ability to perform tasks at work. This leads to very simple mistakes or errors in household chores.

6. Inability to recognize places

As dementia progresses, it becomes more difficult for patients to identify places where they usually are.

They may even feel confused or lost in their home.

Not remembering how or why you got to a certain place, or where you are, is a clear sign of dementia.

7. Lethargy

In addition, the loss of cognitive function goes hand in hand with chemical reactions. They occur both in the psyche of the patient and in the ability to maintain physical abilities.

As a result, a person begins to feel more tired when performing normal activities. A person also loses the motivation she used to have.

8. Difficulty with writing

Just as problems with finding the right words can develop, those with dementia often have difficulties with writing.

Changes in handwriting, and difficulty choosing words – are a signal that you need to seek help.

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