6 Habits That Cause Premature Aging

Habits That Cause Premature AgingPicture Credit: sabinevanerp

According to the calculations of biology scientists, a person can live in good health up to 100 and even up to 130 years. However, such a life expectancy is a rarity. People themselves shorten their lives with harmful habits that lead to premature aging of the body.

Bad eating habits

Many people do not have breakfast in the morning, drink a cup of coffee and run to work. At lunch, they have a bite to eat, usually with fast food. And in the evening, having come home, they are eating up to the dump, and most often just before the very dream. The lack of a diet, high-quality and healthy products is “compensated” by the abundance of high-carbohydrate, fatty foods.

All this leads to serious consequences for the body: the violation of cholesterol metabolism, overweight, increased blood pressure and so on. Improper nutrition quickly affects the work of the whole body, the appearance of a person and significantly reduces life.

Every morning you need to drink on a hungry stomach a couple of glasses of filtered water, be sure to have breakfast, and the last meal should be no later than 6-7 pm, so that the food has time to digest. Two hours before bedtime, you can drink only a sour milk product, herbal tea or a glass of quality water.

And one more important point: for life expectancy it is important to maintain an alkaline balance in the body. The abundance of sweets, flour and meat foods leads to an increase in the acidity of the body, which leads to metabolic diseases. And to maintain the alkaline environment you need to lean on fresh fruits and vegetables, rich in fiber, and dairy products.

Bad eating habits

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The habit of overloading oneself

To somehow survive in difficult times of crisis, many have to look for additional earnings, and it often turns out that the job takes almost 24 hours a day. Large physical and psychological stress leads to exhaustion of the body, people begin to experience depression and aggression. This leads to premature wear and aging of the body. To avoid such consequences, you need to learn to distribute the load evenly. Do not forget about full rest.

After work, it’s good to watch a movie to switch your thoughts. It is useful to periodically change the type of activity. For example, on a day off, go to the mountains or the forest. You can prepare an original dinner, do embroidery or start training your favorite dog. Change of work is also a rest. The ability to include “overload” and diversify your life saves you from overwork.

The habit of not getting enough sleep

The aspiration to catch everything and everywhere does not allow us to fully rest at night, which destroys the nervous, immune and other systems of our body. An adult should sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Very useful day rest – relaxation for 15-20 minutes. The ability to relax allows you to save energy and working capacity of the body.

The habit of removing tension with alcohol and cigarettes

The habit of removing tension with alcohol and cigarettes

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Alcohol is a toxic substance for the brain and a poison for the liver. Its disastrous effect on the brain and vascular system manifests itself very quickly, beginning with memory failures and ending with quite serious illnesses. Even young and healthy people are aging under the influence of alcohol just before our eyes. And those who constantly tones themselves with a cigarette, have problems with the vessels – they narrow down to obstruction. As a result – heart attacks and strokes.

The habit of leading a sedentary lifestyle

Throughout life, every 10 years, metabolism slows down by 7%, so it is very important for a person to keep a balance of calories consumed and their costs. Overweight indicates that this balance is violated. Obesity of the second degree reduces the life expectancy by 5-7 years, and the third degree – by 10-15. A sedentary lifestyle leads to a violation of blood circulation, a decrease in the function of the liver, kidneys, and the gastrointestinal tract.

But weight loss lengthens life for a year. To maintain the necessary balance in the body, physical exertion is necessary. To work (if not very far) it is better to walk, stop using the elevator and fall in love with climbing stairs, and in the mornings do jogs or at least gymnastics. It is desirable to engage in fitness, dance, basketball and so on.

The habit of experiencing for any reason

For health and longevity, the psychological state of a person is very important. If he constantly engages in self-flagellation, self-immolation, again and again grinds out former quarrels and grievances, heavy and long experiences conflicts at work and with close people, his nervous system will quickly fail. And the person himself will quickly turn into a nervous and grumbling old man. In order to survive the great emotional burdens that any of us have a lot of, we need to learn how to switch our thoughts and leave all the past misfortunes and quarrels in yesterday.

To more easily survive stressful situations, the body should have a sufficient amount of potassium and magnesium, so you need to eat foods that are rich in these elements. Potassium and magnesium regulate the acid-base balance of blood, water and salt balances, normalize the main metabolism and are an anti-stress factor.

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