Learning About Your Immune System

What You Should Know About Immune SystemThe immune system is a protective function of our body. It protects us from disease. Only in the 18th century began to think seriously about it, and in 19 they recognized that microorganisms were the cause of the disease.

But why do some people have strong immunity? Others – weak? And can it be increased?

Myths and reality

There are many myths associated with the immune system. Especially often they are used by advertisers. They advise various magic supplements that can improve our health.

But scientists say that there is no magic pill that instantly improves our state of health. Strengthening immunity – an integrated approach to strengthening the body.

Immunity lives in the intestines

Our immunity has chosen the gastrointestinal tract as its headquarters. Intestinal bacteria support our health as a whole and produce antibodies, in the event of an attack by viruses and bacteria.

Sterility is the enemy of the immune system

Often parents try to place  a sick child in almost sterile conditions. Nobody canceled hygiene, but excessive cleanliness is harmful to immunity. It best training, however strange it may sound, is an illness.


Not only diseases help train our immunity. Vaccination is an excellent health simulator. With the help of vaccinations, our immune system gets aware of the disease and, in the event of a real attack, is ready to beat it with the least losses.

Symptoms of the disease indicate the proper functioning of the immune system. Just for her, this disease is new and she needs time to overcome it.

Not all encounters with viruses and bacteria end in illness. Often the immune system quietly does its job while we drink another latte in the office.

Scientists do not know why we often get sick in the cold season

They conducted research where volunteers were forced to freeze and plunge into the icy water. Associations of hypothermia with diseases they did not find. But they assumed: the cold air and the absence of the sun are to blame. Frosty air creates micro-wounds on the mucous membranes and viruses more easily enter the body. And vitamin D is needed for the normal functioning of the immune system.

Artificially raising the immunity of drugs is not worth it.  The effect of such pills is equivalent to the placebo effect. But psychotherapy from taking the same echinacea is good.

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