Signs that Your Body is Flooded with Toxins

Signs that Your Body is Flooded with Toxins

Did you know those common problems such as headaches or lack of concentration can be related to excess toxins? Your body may not be removing toxins and signaling that it needs to be cleansed.

Among the main signs that your toxin excretion system is not working properly are the following:

1. Constant fatigue

No matter how many hours a day you sleep, you are always sleepy, or you just lack energy.

When your body is running at full speed to eliminate toxins, it is normal to feel tired.

If you drink coffee or eat chocolate to get rid of this problem, you only make the situation worse. Also, keep in mind that chronic fatigue can be the result of a hormonal imbalance that damages your immune system.

2. –°onstipation

When the stomach and intestines are not working, your body cannot excrete toxins through feces.

Chronic constipation is a sign of toxin imbalance. Even if you increase your fiber intake or change your diet and don’t notice any difference, it may be because you need to clean the intestinal tract.

Remember that the digestive system accumulates waste, but not all of which is excreted. Try eating more raw fruits and vegetables to help digestion.

3. Headache

Headache is a sign that your body is not eliminating toxins.

The causes of migraines are varied. However, pay attention if they occur several times a week.

If you can’t determine why you have a headache (ie, you haven’t had a busy day, haven’t been in the sun, haven’t had insomnia, etc.), then detoxification should be considered.

Keep in mind that the headache may increase during this process (this is known as a “healing crisis”).

4. Weight gain

If despite exercise and diet, you do not notice weight changes (or gain weight), it may be due to a hormonal problem.

How does this relate to toxins? Hormone work can also be unbalanced through the food we eat or the habits we maintain.

5. Problems with concentration

Do you find it harder to focus on things? Do you throw things halfway because your head is “in the clouds”? Do you find it difficult to make clear decisions?

“Mental fog” is the inability to concentrate, which occurs very commonly when the body has accumulated too many toxins.

You should not drink coffee or alcohol to hide the problem. On the contrary, you need to remove waste with proper nutrition.

6. Depression

Now you are happy, but suddenly you feel the unhappiest person on the planet.

Your mood changes several times a day, and you blame external factors, such as traffic jams, work, money problems, or household chores.

However, depression and suffering can also be caused by an unhealthy diet and the accumulation of toxins (which are not eliminated properly).

Start eating right and gradually you will see results.

7. Insomnia

If you have nightmares, wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep, or have difficulty sleeping, the cause may be an excess of toxins.

This is because toxins interrupt the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for relaxation.

Sometimes, we may think that the solution is to take sleeping pills or relaxants. However, they also have the opposite effect.

Increasingly higher doses are needed to fall asleep, and we add more toxins to the body.

8. Muscle pain

You can attribute this to a bad night’s sleep, a new pillow, or exercise, but if none of them cause pain‚Ķ What is the reason? In toxins.

When there are many toxins in the body, they cause inflammation and hence pain and movement problems.

9. Acne

The skin is a mirror of health. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to this. When our body wants to eliminate toxins, it can do so in different ways.

One of them is through the skin. As a result, acne occurs in certain areas, such as the face, body, or back.

Also, our skin looks unhealthy due to enlarged pores and dark spots.

To avoid this, you should not only detoxify and exfoliate your skin but also pay attention to what you eat and what may be causing this problem.

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