9 Ways to Boost Your Productivity

9 Ways to Boost Your Productivity

Spend a couple of minutes to restore working mood and well-being.

1. Workout

Exercise stimulates the production of the hormone of the joy of endorphin. Walk vigorously, squat, do joint exercises, dance. As a result, you will return to work in a good mood, and your tasks will no longer look as difficult as they seemed before the break.

2. Breathe

Take a break from all tasks, think about something pleasant and breathe deeply. According to scientists of Relaxation Techniques for Health, it normalizes blood pressure and relaxes. A few minutes will be enough to reduce stress and restore performance.

3. Laugh

Many try to relax, flipping through the social media feed. But reading angry posts on Facebook will not make you more cheerful, but rather, on the contrary, add negative emotions. But watching funny memes and videos reduces mental stress. As a result, you will look more optimistically at the world and get down to business with great enthusiasm.

4. Take a nap

It’s not necessary to leave for a many-hour siesta. Take a nap for 15 minutes, but better 30–40, and this will already bring results. Daytime sleep lowers the level of the stress hormone cortisol. True, this method works better if you get enough sleep at night.

5. Massage your hands

A general massage course would work better, but it takes time and money. A hand massage will take several minutes, but it will bring many benefits. Scientists believe that this reduces anxiety and stress levels, relaxes, normalizes the heartbeat. After such a massage, you will calm down and appropriately evaluate the level of tasks.

6. Wash with cold water

Swimming in low-temperature water helps in the fight against depression. Diving in the office sink will not work, so just rinse your face and/or wrists with cold water. This will cheer you up and make you feel more rested.

7. Look out the window

When working at a computer, the distance to the objects you are looking at remains virtually unchanged, which increases the load on the organs of vision. Therefore, it will be useful to observe more distant objects. This will help to literally look at work tasks with a new look.

8. Let out emotions

Fatigue is often accompanied by anger. Do not hold it in yourself, although splashing this feeling on others is not a good idea. Find an inanimate object, such as a piece of paper, tear it, throw it on the floor. As a result, it will become easier for you and you can look at the situation more soberly.

9. Listen to the music

Relaxing music really reduces anxiety and helps fight stress, as scientists have proven. Moreover, this method is universal, it does not depend on gender. Pleasant melodies reduce the level of cortisol, normalize the heartbeat and help to survive the rummages without any special psychological losses.

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