Why Family Time Is Important

Why Family Time Is ImportantOne reason why family time is so important is that when children don’t get enough attention they’re more likely to do something that’ll get them in trouble. While you may be tempted to think quantity over quality here this isn’t the case. Children care more about how you spend your time with them than how many hours you’ve spent with them. Unfortunately, this is something that becomes more challenging as your children enter their teenage years when life keeps you busy and friends are your children’s main priority but studies still demonstrate the importance of talking, listening, encouraging, accepting differences, showing affection, sharing chores, keeping in touch, and making time for one another. There are many ways in which such activities are beneficial.

Build a Stronger Family Bond

One of the main reasons why family time is so important is because it enables you to bond with your family. Unfortunately, when this bond isn’t formed children will find it elsewhere (e.g. gangs). This is because it’s so important for your children to find a sense of belonging and security – to have someone whom they can turn to no matter what.

Make Time to Talk and Listen

Another great reason for family time has to do with sharing, talking, and listening to one another. While as a parent you may think that it’s challenging to talk to their children because they have different opinions, it’s important to remember your own childhood. If you’re honest with yourself you’ll remember that the people whom you really liked were those who actually cared enough to listen to what you were saying. This is why it’s so important to spend family time listening to what your children have to say. Remember, this doesn’t mean you’ve simply heard their words but you must also show that you’re feeling what they’re trying to convey.

It’s also important to listen without jumping in with an answer, being critical, or offering your own viewpoints. Instead, stop what you’re doing and show your child that you really are listening to them. This is the time to talk about important issues (e.g. drugs, alcohol) but you also need to set a good example.

Teach Your Children Important Life Lessons

Remember the old adage that what you don’t teach your children at home will be learned elsewhere. While children are always going to learn some things on their own, it’s important to engage in discussions during family time. This way you can discuss important issues and situations and seek out your children’s opinion on the matter. Doing so will enable them to understand life better.

Show Affection, Appreciation, and Encouragement

Sharing family time together enables everyone to show affection for one another in their own way (e.g. giving hugs, holding hands, being thoughtful and kind). Studies show that teenagers who remember times when their parents would praise, hug, or kiss them were much more likely to have better grades than those who didn’t have these types of experiences.

Spending quality time together with your family discussing what when on throughout the day and showing interest in one another’s lives is important. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen because people find it easier to criticize others than it is to praise them. This is why you need to make a conscious effort to tell your child what good things you’ve noticed about them and teach them some of your core family values.

Share Family Values and Traditions

The daily rituals (e.g. greeting one another, saying goodbye, mealtimes, bedtimes) and things you do on special occasions (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas) help build a sense of belonging, inner security, and contentedness for your child. These are also important parts of family time. Your entire family will benefit from engaging in these things which will then be passed down through the generations.

It’s important to find ways for your family to spend time having fun together but you also want to make sure that you have some time for serious conversations too. One way of doing so is with your new home in North River Ranch in North Manatee County and Bradenton, FL. There you’re sure to find a lot of fun things to do with your family.

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