How to Choose a Front Door

How to Choose a Front Door

The front door must have such properties as:

  • reliability – it must perform its main function well – to prevent unauthorized access of outsiders to the premises;
  • low thermal conductivity – this characteristic shows how much heat will pass through this element from the house to the environment;
  • visual beauty – this factor will determine how well it will fit into the interior of your house;
  • ease of operation – this process should be as simple and clear as possible.

Types of front doors

There are the following types of doors depending on the material of manufacture:

  1. Wooden doors. These are old and practically inapplicable designs, they have low reliability and poor thermal insulation. In addition, from excess moisture, they can be deformed.
  2. Steel doors. They are highly reliable, retain heat well and last for many decades. This is the most popular type of door.
  3. Plastic-steel doors. High rates of thermal insulation are achieved through the use of modern thermal insulation materials, such as polyurethane foam. Have simple adjustment, and on reliability practically do not concede to the previous type.

Steel doors for your house

As mentioned earlier, steel doors are very popular. The total market share occupied by them is about 70%.

Most consumers order such items because of their high reliability, which depends on factors such as production technology and design features.

Ideally, the door leaf should be made of sheet steel with a thickness of 1.5 to 2 mm. But the thicker it is, the better. These doors should have not only a quality leaf but also a door frame.

If you need serious protection, then you may need to think about buying an armored door. Their design is similar to the design of safes.

Plastic-steel types of doors

Such doors are a good alternative to steel sample doors. They are characterized by an acceptable appearance, long service life, and high strength.

The price of plastic-steel doors can vary depending on the manufacturer, but about 10-15% less than a steel competitor.

As for reliability, they are no worse than the steel doors, they also have high reliability. The manufacturing technology itself is similar to the production of PVC windows, but the doors have more serious requirements for safety and reliability. That is why they are made of a special metal profile.

What to look for when you buy doors?

The high-quality manufacturer uses only five-chamber profiles, which have a thickness of about 7 cm. The process of strengthening the structure is carried out by a reinforcing frame, which is located on the inner surface of the frame around the perimeter. The good rigidity of a skeleton gives the chance to apply powerful loops and anti-burglary locks.

The door leaf also has a metal frame, and triplex or armored glass is used for the filler. This increases safety and protection against damage. The door frame on the perimeter has a rubber waterproofing and heat-insulating sealant.

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