Comfortable Minimalist Interior for Cozy Home

Comfortable Minimalist

Does the style change over time?

Minimalism was first mentioned in the mid-1960s. This style is based on constructivism and functionalism. However, the main influence on the formation of style had Japanese architecture and design, which penetrated into the Western world after World War II. Items that do not carry a specific functional load were ruthlessly removed from the premises. In its original form, the minimalist interior is very strict and ascetic, but the modern concept of minimalism is more democratic: decorative elements, color accents, textiles are added. The room becomes less strict, reflects the interests and hobbies of the person who lives in it.

Can you use bright colors?

Minimalism – in itself a bright style, usually based on the contrast of shades of white and black. Because of this, many consider him devoid of individuality. So that minimalism is not boring, you need to work with textures, shapes, graphics, play on the contrast of matte and glossy surfaces, add wood, glass, metal and pay attention to lighting.

What should not be in a minimalist interior?

There should be no feeling of darkness in minimalism: special attention should be paid to lighting. The main emphasis is on natural light. To enhance it, often using glossy furniture surfaces, glass, and even self-leveling floors. The windows are left open as much as possible. Large windows are an important part of the interior.

There should be no cheap finishing materials and furniture in a minimalist interior. In a concise space, furniture is an accent. Minimalism is a luxurious simplicity. The decor and visual “garbage” is also minimized.

Living room

The sofa can be any: angular, modular, direct – it all depends on the tasks facing the room. The only thing, prefer simple forms.

When thinking about a place for TV, pay attention to the interesting techniques used in minimalist interiors: for example, completely cover the wall with facades – they can be made a monochromatic and glossy, such a system will resemble a decorative wall.

You can make the wall more open and in black color, and it will be organically looking like a background for the black TV.


In the bedroom, if possible, make a dressing room to put all things in one place. It is best with “invisible” doors: they do not catch the eye, they are easy to paint in the color of the walls or any neutral, they have no additional decor that will attract attention. If there is no space for a dressing room, it is best to make a built-in closet that would merge with the color of the walls.


A minimalist kitchen should be visually concise, strict, and simple. Smooth facades in this interior are usually monochromatic or contrasting, without additional decors such as chamfers and decorative handles. Designers often use a push-up system. More attention is paid to storage systems – so that everything was at hand and everyone was comfortable to use. Think of drawers in the cabinets, organizers that simplify the cooking process.

Kids room

Transformer furniture is suitable for children, for example, some manufacturers have interesting models with a bed hidden in the wall.

The desktop can also be put in the closet – this will help to disguise the creative clutter on the children’s table.

It is also worth considering a storage system for toys – it can be drawers, boxes on wheels. Make them in different sizes: for small things, constructors, puzzles, or soft toys.

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