Advantages of LED Lights

Advantages of LED LightsWith the improvement of properties and characteristics of LED lamps, this product is currently one of the main and most popular type of lighting devices. LED lamps are used everywhere – from decorative lighting of apartments and houses to the installation of powerful lighting systems on an industrial scale.

The principle of operation of the LEDs or, as they are also called, LED lamps, is based on the passage of an electric discharge through a semiconductor, resulting in light. The effectiveness of LED lamps and the minimum payback period are the main advantages of this type of devices.

Advantages of LED lamps

  • The lifetime of the LEDs far exceeds the service life of other types of lighting lamps. Here the main thing is that with time, the main indicators of the efficiency of LED lamps, such as the quality and power of the luminous flux, remain virtually unchanged. For comparison, the optimal life of the LED lamp is 100 thousand hours, DRL – 12 thousand hours, arc sodium lamps – 25 thousand hours, halogen – up to 3 000 hours.
  • The use of LEDs contributes to huge savings (up to 70%) on electricity consumption in comparison with mercury-containing and gas-discharge lamp types. For example, in incandescent bulbs, 95% of the energy is lost to heat.
  • LED luminaires are environmentally safe and do not require special disposal, unlike fluorescent and DNT lamps, DRL, which contain hazardous substances and mixtures based on mercury.
  • LED luminaires have a high degree of mechanical protection due to the monolithic, vibration-resistant design of the instrument case, made on the basis of aluminum alloy.
  • LED lamps are presented by a wide model range for specific conditions of operation, the covered areas, with a possibility of production of devices of necessary power under any request of the client.
  • Unlike DRL lamps, which are slowly lit and reach the desired power of illumination only after a minimum of ten minutes, the LEDs turn on instantly.
  • LEDs emit light of high contrast, allowing high-quality coverage of the area at any time of the day with a color rendering index within 80 units. In this case, the efficiency is equal to 100%.

Disadvantage of LED lamps

The main disadvantage of this type of devices for LED lighting is a significant cost of production. Yes, such devices are not cheap, but the fact that they will pay off after 2-3 years plays a decisive role in favor of LEDs.

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