6 Great Tips To Organize Kids’ Rooms

6 Great Tips To Organize Kids' RoomsA children’s room is a place of fun and relaxation, but it fulfills its functions only when there is order. Children often have a problem with cleaning the room themselves, and especially with putting things back in their place. Let’s try to arrange the child’s room so that it can be easily, but it would be nice to keep order in your surroundings.

1. Well planned space in the child’s room
Let’s ensure that everything in the child’s room has its own specific place, which will help the child to remember more easily where to put their toys and where to book them. The room should also have separate zones for fun, learning and recreation, which will prevent the formation of chaos in the interior.

2. Unnecessary things in a child’s room
In a child’s room there should be room only for those things that he actually uses. Let’s get rid of broken toys and too little clothes right away, because they just clutter up the room. If your child is not currently playing with some objects, give them to other children or hide them in marked containers and eg take to the attic. The same principle applies to clothes – in summer, let’s hide winter jackets and scarves in a large closet, and in the room leave only the currently worn clothing.

If we want the child to take care of the order in the room, we must make it as easy as possible. All shelves and storage compartments should be within the reach of the toddler’s hands so that he can use them freely. On the upper shelves, however, we can make room for less-used toys or games that we will put back into place.

3. Boxes and baskets for a child’s room
Containers are the greatest allies in the fight against clutter. If we strictly determine to which box we hide the blocks, and in which basket plush toys, the child will remember it easily and put them there.

Every thing in a child’s room must have its place, but little ones often forget about it. A good solution is to mark individual containers with inscriptions suggesting their contents. If our child can not read yet, boxes can be decorated with drawings of blocks, toy cars or other things that are in them.

4. Arrangement of space under the bed
It is worth considering its maximum use. Often under the bed there is enough space to put there boxes with blocks or game containers. The child will have good access to them and we will save space.
When deciding on a carpet, we must take into account that in the first years we will have to take care of them. It will be much easier for us to teach a toddler to use a suitable cloth to remove a spilled drink or collect crumbs from the panels than to clean the rug every time.

5. Hangers and hooks for a child
They are ideal for the youngest children who are too low to use a larger wardrobe. If we put them in the right height, they can hang clothes there, which we hide in the wardrobe in the evening.

Shelves for children should be placed low enough so that the little ones can remove the books themselves and then put them back in place. It is worth investing in props and stops that prevent falling books and keep them always in place.

6. Drawers in the child’s room
Children’s drawers are the perfect place for children’s things, which they can use without any problems. It is worth placing special inserts in them that will divide them into smaller fragments. This will allow you to easily place smaller toys in them and prevent clutter.

The use of some of the above-mentioned tricks will certainly help us and our kids to keep order in the room and sort out all the things. Remember, however, that the key to success is in this case regularity and show the child that cleaning does not have to be difficult and labor-intensive.

Picture Credit: Victoria_Borodinova

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