How to Plan your Week the Right Way

How to Plan your Week the Right WayFor each day, their own affairs: how to plan your week

Today you will learn the nuances of distributing cases by day of the week, which guarantee you good luck and more.

The patroness is the moon. Passive day at work. It is also undesirable to communicate with others. It is important not to be puzzled by new things, as the results will in any case be unsatisfactory. It’s better to plan classes for the near future, then everything planned will be fulfilled.

Remember: with what thoughts you spend Monday, such a life awaits you the next six days. Do not lend on this day, especially if you just had a salary.

This leads to unsuccessful, unnecessary purchases that take money even before accruing future salaries. A loan of funds on this day promises breakdowns of expensive equipment.

But on Monday to borrow a positive effect on financial well-being. In general, it is important that on Monday there are as many banknotes in the wallet as possible. It is favorable on this day to treat and remove teeth, especially on the waning moon. But business trips are undesirable.

The patron is Mars. A good day for all areas of life, if you carefully analyze everything. Things started on Tuesday will succeed, and problems will be resolved quickly, but only if you manage to deal with them in 24 hours.

If not, it is better to postpone it to another time. Successful trips and business trips. Do not borrow on this day – spend other people’s money for nothing. Give your debts before sunset and not from hand to hand, but by putting money on the table.

It is advisable to pay for purchases without change or with a plastic card in order to save the energy of money. And do not exchange currency on Tuesdays.

Patron is Mercury. This is a day of chance. Whatever plans are made, everything will go as planned from above. Hope for luck, but be prepared for a fiasco.

Think positively – an energetically strong day can bring all thoughts, especially negative ones, to life. Solve current issues and do not take risks so as not to make problems. It is better to spend the evening at home with family. It is not recommended on Wednesday to move and get a new job.

Patron – Jupiter. Auspicious day for buying lottery tickets. But only lucky unselfish, greedy planet puts sticks in wheels. It’s time to finish the work begun earlier and start new ones.

Be careful with words and do not quarrel with others, everything said in anger can come true. Planting potatoes is a taboo. The ban concerns the harvest of dark vegetables and fruits – they will go bad.

The patron is Venus. It’s a busy day, so in the first half of the case it’s better to postpone it, and not to do female needlework during the day – sewing, knitting…

It is not recommended to get a haircut and do manicure. On Friday, our ancestors forbade a married woman to wash her hair so as not to “wash her husband’s house”.

Love dating in the afternoon will bring many problems. But dreams on Friday night usually come true: if the dream is bad, don’t tell anyone about it before dinner, if it’s good, vice versa.

Patron is Saturn. Easy day, questions are resolved quickly if a person understands well why he is doing something. Especially successful are business negotiations and personal conversations. An ideal day for traveling, moving and changing bedding.

The patron is the sun. By tradition, a day of rest. Beginning on this day is extremely undesirable. The desired wishes will not bring results either. You should not do cleaning on the day of well-deserved rest. Under the prohibition of trimming curls, manicure.

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