Ways to Go Back to Work After Vacation

Ways to Go Back to Work After VacationCome back earlier
If you are planning a trip, try to return home a day or two before the end of the vacation. This time is necessary in order to solve everyday problems, adjust the regime and adapt to a change in climate or time zone. Get enough sleep, unpack your suitcases, do laundry and cooking, and you will soon notice how thoughts and memories of the trip begin to fade into the background.

Go to the gym
No matter how tiring the first working week may be, try to choose the time to go to the gym. Numerous studies confirm that moderate physical activity contributes to the production of “hormones of happiness” of endorphins, which, in turn, improve mood, help fight depression and even reduce susceptibility to pain. We are sure that after practicing yoga with your favorite trainer or jogging, you will definitely feel better!

Get organized!
The first thing you should do when you come to the office after a vacation is to put everything in order. Remove the workplace (although, of course, this should have been done before the holidays), disassemble the paper, delete unnecessary files from the computer, view all incoming mail. It may take several hours, but the next week will be easier for you.

Lie low
Do not immediately loudly inform all employees and customers of the company that you have returned from vacation. Give yourself the opportunity to gradually enter the working rhythm. Do not rush to answer emails and calls that may wait a few days. Nerves are more expensive!

Get up to speed
Chat with colleagues, your boss, and your immediate circle to find out what happened at work during your absence. Update the current status of the projects you are conducting, the new responsibilities of your colleagues, and make a list of tasks to be completed in the first place.

Fill in the calendar
Make a to-do list for the next two weeks. If you manage to plan everything in advance, you can avoid unnecessary chaos in difficult days for you.

Treat yourself to a delicious dinner
One of the big advantages of a vacation is the opportunity to try new and tasty food. Many people at home lack the gastronomic diversity they enjoyed while traveling. If you have such an opportunity, treat yourself to good food by going to a restaurant that you have long dreamed of visiting. You can become a tourist without leaving your hometown!

No matter how you try to quickly get involved in the work, you still need some time to adapt. Do not try to catch it all at once and waste the nerve cells in vain. And if stress still prevailed, close your eyes and take a few slow breaths. Each of them should last at least 15 seconds. This breathing practice will help you survive the first day after a vacation with the least loss to the nervous system.

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