Nutritionist Tips to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

Nutritionist Tips to Avoid Weight Gain During the HolidaysFinally it’s time to leave. You want to relax and do everything that you like. Maintaining a diet is not included in this list. But we all understand that, where there is All Inclusive, there are also a large number of calories. How not to gain extra weight on vacation, when you are always available a wide selection of delicious dishes? After all, many of us have been preparing for the beach season for months, watching the food and going to the gym. Agree, it would be annoying to shine all the efforts to nothing, because of only one buffet.

In this article, we will introduce you to the valuable dietitian advice Sven-David Muller, which will help you stay in shape.

Plan your vacation well

You need to understand that avoiding many of the temptation with the All Inclusive holiday option is quite difficult, so think ahead: maybe you would prefer a half board option?

Be careful on the plane

The tone of the whole journey must be set from the very beginning. Therefore, it is not necessary to take all the snacks and drinks that the stewardess offers, and then also ask for a supplement.

Have breakfast consciously

Breakfast should be hearty and nutritious. Therefore, at the first meal it is better to choose muesli or porridge, vegetables and fruits and eggs. Sweet sugar-containing juice should be replaced with tea or coffee. In addition, to speed up the metabolism, the day must begin with movement. Therefore, before breakfast, it is better to take a short walk along the beach or go jogging.

Choose the right foods for lunch.

It is best to start lunch with salad. To him, take the fish or meat, best cooked on the grill – they contain less fat. It is better to refuse dishes in breading and fried. Sweet is replaced by fruit.

Start dinner with soup

As a first course dinner, it is better to choose a low-fat soup. In the evening it is better to avoid excess carbohydrates in the form of potatoes or bread. Instead, it is better to eat fish or meat. Do not abuse nuts, they contain a lot of fat.

Avoid snacking

If possible, do not snack between meals. Eating something, you increase the level of insulin in the blood, and this prevents you from burning fat. It is better to stick to three meals a day.

Keep track of the amount of drinks consumed

Sweet drinks or alcoholic cocktails are best replaced by tea, coffee or plain water, as the first one contains sugar. In addition, alcohol itself contains a lot of calories.

Spend your free time actively

You do not need to overly burden yourself with sports exercises on vacation, but yoga hour on the beach will have a positive effect on both your body and your mood. Spend as much time as possible in the fresh air, walk, dance, play active games and just enjoy your holidays.

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