Things You Need Before Bringing Home a New Puppy

Things to Consider Before Bringing a Puppies HomeNowadays, 48 ​​percent of all pets are dogs. The advantages of bringing a puppy home are obvious – friendly communication, affection, safety, even stress relief – but subsequent problems are often overlooked. Sleepless nights, carpet cleaning, furniture damage, sitting with pets – these are the scenarios for which you need to prepare.


Puppies used to sleep a lot. Moreover, puppies tend to sleep, clinging to their mothers and brothers and sisters, and then transplant. To recreate this feeling, you can buy an effigy with hand warmers and a pounding heart. Also, it would not be superfluous to ask the breeder or the shelter if you can take a blanket with you before leaving, because the smell of their first house for the puppy is many times more comfortable.


Like children, puppies need to get comfortable in the new world around them. Although it may seem instinctive, but walking on a leash is not quite an easy thing. It is necessary to use training delicacies, forcing them to walk in the direction you need, it helps a lot, and the fact that your puppy walks around the house with a leash makes them feel more comfortable in attachment to it and later on in the street!


“Accidents”, chewing and making a mess is a normal puppy’s behavior. However, it is up to you to stop it. You need to know a few important things. Simple commands, such as “do not bite”, “do not bark,” and simply “no,” will make a big difference when used continuously. Another valuable advice that will help with the training of your puppy – remember that dogs can not talk about their deeds. This means that if they behave incorrectly and you cannot catch them in action, and you punish them later, the dog will not understand what she did wrong. This confusion can also lead to distrust.
When your dog tampers or makes a mess, and you catch it while it happens, scold and take it out immediately. If you find it later, it is better to move to forget about it. Puppies learn faster when they can associate a correction with the action itself, and also have less fear of people.

Picture Credit: Berkay Gumustekin

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