How to Enjoy Life: 8 Best Simple Pleasures

How to Enjoy Life: 8 Best Simple Pleasures

The life of a modern person is filled with stress and negative emotional experiences. Often unloved work, disgusting life or complicated family relationships make you think about the quality of being. Any normal person wants to enjoy his own existence. But can this be learned?

Pleasure brings millions of different things. One is enough to eat a bar of chocolate or stroll through the autumn forest, another – to sign a profitable contract. But everyone should combine the ability to catch such moments and to absorb the positive emotions to the maximum.

It is important to remember that not everyone has the ability to see improvement in an unpleasant situation. Usually we envy people with a similar character trait. But the weather in the soul depends only on ourselves. If you treat problems with humor and appreciate the bright side of life, then the ability to rejoice will not be oppressed by negative experiences.

The human body is a complex multifunctional system, and the opportunity to experience pleasure in many respects depends on the correctness of its functioning. There is a dependence of the feeling of happiness on the functioning of the thyroid gland. Such hormones as dopamine, serotonin, endorphin, noradrenaline, cause a sense of joy and pleasure.

Of course, a good mood depends not only on the physiological health of the body. The emotional balance affects the correct mood.

Psychologists’ advice

Catch the pleasure, not specifically chasing it. Pleasure should be the result of properly constructed relationships and harmony in life. The balance of sensations is created under the influence of various factors, including negative ones. You can feel the difference only when comparing.

Choose friends who know how to rejoice. Optimism is a very good quality. They can “infect” others. Therefore, happy loved ones are the guarantee of your peace of mind.

Learn to focus. The ability to be “here and now” is useful to any person. Sometimes, while engaging in an interesting business, we think about failures and possible problems, and this prevents us from enjoying the work done. Therefore, the ability to delve into an interesting process will help to get the maximum positive feelings. Of course, if you act on the pretext of “I want to do this”.

Relax. Proper rest after the end of a complex business will bring a lot of pleasant minutes. But for this you need to clear your head of worries and anxieties. This ability will bring you closer to a sense of happiness.

Touch each other. The importance of tactile sensations can not be underestimated. Our acquaintance with the world begins with a feeling of mother’s breast. Therefore, hugs, handshakes and kisses play an important role in human life. The main thing is not to violate the boundaries of the personal space of your loved ones.

Listen to yourself. Today, the feeling of happiness is largely constructed under the influence of society and the media. Do not have to go on about obsessive advertising. Not everything that is beautifully described on TV, will suit you. Trust your taste, even if it differs from the generally accepted canons.

The above recommendations are only a small part of the possible ways of obtaining pleasure from one’s own life. Everything individually, a universal plan, how to be happy, does not exist. But studies and surveys have identified 8 things from which a person gets maximum pleasure.

Top pleasures in life

  1. Love. Many will say that the presence of this feeling is not proven. Everyone wants to experience a strong attachment to parents, children, a man or a woman. That’s why she got to the top of the list.
  2. Passion. The main thing here is to remember that such a feeling not only brings a sense of happiness, but can become an addiction. Forced abandonment of the desired object often leads to dangerous consequences. Especially if the object of pleasure is gambling or bad habits (drugs, alcohol).
  3. Money. There are practically no people on Earth who do not want to become rich. Financial well-being allows you to feel freedom. No need to think about the price of the desired thing gives a pleasant feeling of self-worth.
  4. Sex. This physiological need brings a lot of pleasure. The main thing is that intimate relationships do not become ordinary. In this case, pleasure is transformed into a mechanical process.
  5. Aesthetics. You should appreciate the pleasant sensations from listening to your favorite music, watching interesting movies or contemplating beautiful paintings in museums and exhibitions. We love with our eyes and ears, so the admiration of the world around us also fell into this top.
  6. Health. Despite the fact that this is more of a physiological factor, one must remember the wonderful sensations that come with recovery. Getting rid of the painful symptoms, we experience a sense of relief and an easy euphoria.
  7. Eating. The time came when a man ate raw meat and unripe fruit. Today, food intake has turned into a real cult. The phrase “we eat to live” is less and less like the truth.
  8. Entertainment. In the modern world for most of its inhabitants is no secret that such a nightclub. This is the place where people come for a pleasant pastime. The contingent of visitors of nightclubs is different: from young girls and guys, to quite mature ladies and men. Today people go to nightclubs, just to spend time with friends. Most often their main goals are dancing, distraction from work and problems, and simply getting pleasure that is not related to finding a boyfriend or putting up an “I” for a show.

This rating was made according to the results of a survey of random people, but we must remember that enjoyment is very personal. And not everyone honestly shared their preferences. Most psychologists say that happiness largely depends on the personality characteristics of a person and his ability to see beauty in ordinary things.

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