Mistakes In Design that Spoil the Interior

Mistakes In Design that Spoil the Interior

Sterile interior without unnecessary things, verified to the last detail, is probably only in hotels. The living space quickly becomes overgrown with items and accessories, adapts to the habits and tastes of the owners. Let us consider what solutions can ruin the interior and complicate the lives of the owners.

Lack of sockets in the right places

It would seem that sockets are not the most noticeable part of the interior, but ultimately depends on their correct location. For example, if you decide to place the floor lamp away from the nearest outlet, the wire will stretch through the room, spoil the space, and interfere with movement. In the worst case, you will have to resort to an extension cord. When the sockets are not enough, tees are used, which attract too much attention and spoil the overall picture.

Inappropriate wall decor

Nothing gives a person a lack of taste as a poorly chosen wall decor. Paintings by dubious artists, richly framed rural landscapes, calendars, posters, and stickers can destroy any space and nullify the work of the most talented designer.

Extra surfaces

When we say that a good interior should have enough storage space, we do not mean a large number of open shelves, coffee tables, and other surfaces that attract clutter. When bookshelves are moderately busy with books, that’s fine, but if you don’t have enough books and you’ve hung up your shelves, know that all empty surfaces will sooner or later be covered with a thick layer of things piled up. The same principle works with coffee tables and cabinets.

Complexity curtains

Excessive draping, excess textures, and details – all this can turn any room into a pathetic resemblance to the stage of a theater. And when you try to combine the design of the palace with practicality and add functional blinds to the multi-layer curtains, the result is terrible.

Too bright and diverse textiles

Bright colors in the interior are sometimes quite appropriate, but if you add to them the bright, diverse textiles, you will get too many colors. Bed linen with a tiger print, towels of all colors of the rainbow, a million pillows on the couch, and a psychedelic carpet – the separate presence of these details in the interior can be discussed, but all together – definitely not.

No contrasts

Beige walls, floor, furniture, and cat, and the result you have a dull and flat interior. Fear of using contrasts can make your living space look like a room in a bad hotel. There is nothing wrong with monotony if it serves as a background. Contrasting elements will add volume and variety to the interior. Let the base color remain beige, but choose a darker and textured floor, textiles, and furniture.

Casual pet accessories

There is a joke: if a cat house looks good in the interior, then it is a bad interior. In fact, of course, this is not always the case.

There are good furniture and accessories for animals, but you have to work hard to find them. Therefore, most owners prefer to buy what is in the pet store, accepting the fact that a poor house, claws, and bowls spoil the appearance of any room.

Spend a little more time looking for pet accessories or make custom furniture. Most likely, it will not cost much more, but you will not have to put up with ugly objects in your house.

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