Food To Stay Healthy During Coronavirus Quarantine

Food To Stay Healthy During Coronavirus QuarantineConsuming a proper healthy diet is significant during the coronavirus pandemic. What we are consuming affects the capability of our body to fight against, prevent, and recover from any infections. Although no food can stop or cure the coronavirus infection, healthy diets can bolster the immune system. Good nutrition helps you stay healthy and will also decrease the chances of developing other health issues such as heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, and some kinds of cancer.

1. Consume a range of food including vegetables and fruits: Each day consume a mix of whole grains such as maize and rice, fresh fruits, vegetables, wheat, legumes such as beans and lentils along with the non-veg items such as fish, meat, milk, and eggs. The whole grain food must include millet, wheat, oats, maize, and brown rice as much as possible. These foods are rich in fiber and allow you to feel full for a long period. As far as snacks are concerned, opt for fresh fruit, raw vegetables, and unsalted nuts.

2. Cut back the salt intake: Limit your salt intake to 5 gm every day. This is equivalent to a teaspoon. While preparing and cooking food make use of salt sparingly and decrease the salty sauce usage and also reduce the use of condiments such as stock of fish sauce, soy sauce, etc. to stay healthy. When you are using dried or canned food, select a range of vegetable variety, fruits, nuts without added salt and sugar. Get rid of the salt shaker from your dining table. You can experiment with fresh or dried spices and herbs for additional flavor. Check labels on the food items and select the products having lower sodium content.

3. Consume moderate fat and oil: To stay healthy you need to replace ghee, butter, and lard with healthy fats such as soy, corn oil, sunflower, or olive oil while cooking. Use white meat such as fish and poultry that are normally lower in fat than compared to the red meat. Get rid of the visible fat and reduce the consumption of processed meat. Choose low-fat and reduced-fat versions of dairy products and milk. Avoid all baked, fried, and processed food that contains artificially produced fats. Rather than frying, you can try boiling or steaming the food during your cooking.

4. Drink sufficient water: Staying hydrated is critical for your optimal health. When it is available and is safe for consumption the tap water is the cheapest and healthiest drink. Consuming water rather than sugar-sweetened beverages is a good way of limiting the intake of sugar and excessive calories.

5. Limit your sugar consumption: You can limit the intake of sugary and sweet drinks such as fruit juices, fizzy drinks, powder concentrates, sports and energy drinks, flavored water, ready to drink coffee and tea, and flavored milk. Opt for fresh fruit rather than cakes, cookies, and chocolate. If you need to choose other deserts, opt for lower sugar products and eat only in smaller portions. In the case of children, avoid sugary food. Avoid using sugar and salt in the food given to the children less than two years old.

6. Avoid the use of alcohol: Alcohol is never a part of any healthy diet. Consuming alcohol does not provide protection against coronavirus and it may turn out to be dangerous. Excess and frequent consumption raises the risks of injury and causes long-term damage such as liver damage, mental sickness, and heart diseases.

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