Insomnia And Heart Disease Risk

Insomnia increases the risk of stroke and heart attackInsomnia is a disorder that affects more and more people every day, despite the fact that sleep has a fundamental function in our body.

During sleep time, our body rests and regenerates after daily fatigue. Therefore, when we do not sleep well, we suffer so much that we cannot even imagine.

Although we are increasingly aware of the importance of taking care of ourselves, the competition in society and the demands of our work force us to ignore certain aspects, such as good sleep hygiene.

We do this so often that many people simply associate insomnia with staying up all night. However, it is much more than that.

Essentially, insomnia covers all the phenomena that constantly prevent you from resting during the night. So when this happens, you don’t rest as well as you should.

Although the effects of this condition vary widely, recent studies have shown that insomnia increases the risk of stroke and heart attack.

How insomnia increases the risk of stroke and heart attack?

This problem does not occur in patients who wake up before their alarm goes off.

Rather, it affects those who take a long time to fall asleep or those whose sleep is interrupted. As a result, the body suffers from a lack of sleep, which can turn into a problem.

On the other hand, it is clear that lack of sleep affects metabolism.
As a result, this changes blood pressure, as well as inflammatory and pro-inflammatory cytokines. All of them are involved in cerebral or coronary infarction.

However, it affects everyone differently.

This is due to hormonal changes and stress responses. Therefore, we recommend that everyone (especially women) pay attention to the quality of sleep.

Tips for good sleep

1. Physical activity

Exercise not only trains but also produces substances in the brain that prevent insomnia, in particular serotonin.

In addition, they reduce the level of cortisol – the stress hormone. Therefore, after training, you will notice that you are in a more positive mood and feel more relaxed.

What’s more, exercise boosts self-esteem as it helps us overcome mental and physical limitations and improve our figure.

2. Don’t go to sleep without being tired

Sometimes we make the mistake of going to bed when we think it’s time to do so. However, this can be a problem if you have insomnia.

Forced sleep causes the opposite effect: it occurs stress.

Do you ever feel like you can never fall asleep on those days when you have to wake up earlier than usual? In general, we go to bed earlier than we should, and then the obsession with sleep leads to the opposite effect.

3. Create a schedule to avoid the risk of stroke and heart attack

In addition, it is important to have some order in your life. The brain loves order. Once you establish a schedule, it will work smoothly.

Once you develop a schedule, you will be surprised when you are very active at 9 am and suddenly start yawning as early as 10 pm.

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