How to Work from Home Productively During Coronavirus

How to Work from Home Productively During Coronavirus

In connection with the spread of the coronavirus, many organizations switch to remote operations to ensure the safety of their employees. But how to organize a productive workflow within the walls of your home, where there is a refrigerator nearby, a bed with a blanket, and household members who constantly distract from the workflow.

There is a list of special rules for people who work on freelance. They are quite simple, and if you follow them, then you can work quite productively.

Rule 1

Organize your workplace at home. It should not be your comfortable sofa or soft bed. A full-fledged workplace will set you up for work. Whether it is a desk or an armchair with a side table, it’s up to you. In this place, you should have organized special lighting, and also there always needs to be in order. A calendar, notepad and other various work items are also necessary at your workplace. It will be good to systematize you.

Rule 2

Provide yourself with the Internet. You can’t work without him.

Rule 3

Communication with colleagues. If we work remotely, then we work with some kind of load. It is necessary to agree with your colleagues about the time to get in touch. In large companies, this can be work in Skype or Zoom. Suppose you select Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and at this time hold online meetings and resolve work issues.

Rule 4

Hard deadline. Plans are set, work is being done, and then the deadline issue becomes relevant. In a situation of remote work, your boss must rigidly set specific deadlines for the delivery of work.

Rule 5

The mood. Perform your usual morning ritual to create a working mood. For example, if you are used to drinking coffee — drink, flipping through a news feed — please. In general, try to recreate your real workflow.

Rule 6

Down with irritants. For productive work, make sure that all extraneous noise sources are eliminated. Turn off the TV, if you have pets, put them in another room. The less extraneous noise, the better the performance.

Rule 7

Without any concessions. An even tougher environment is created at home than at work. Because at work we are systematized by the fact that we came to the place where we work. You can’t let yourself relax at home.

Rule 8

I am working! Tell relatives or your household that you are working and that you should not be distracted.

If the question of switching to remote work makes you feel like a panic attack, then create more space for yourself and take breaks. Open the curtains so more space is created and you see the perspective. Take breaks for yourself. Because when you see only a monitor screen and four walls all day, it becomes uncomfortable. Get up — walk around. Ideal option: 45 minutes of work and 15 minutes of a break.

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