A Beginners Guide On How To Make A Bouquet Of Flowers

A Beginners Guide On How To Make A Bouquet Of FlowersFlowers a beautiful and heartfelt gift that you can give to any loved one as a truly meaningful piece of decoration no matter what occasion. Knowing how to create a bouquet of your own will turn those already gorgeous flowers into something even more. Floral bouquets spread joy and convey love and gratitude towards anyone who receives them.

That’s why making your bouquet is so much more special. A flower bouquet with your personal touch will turn that already touching bouquet into a unique and tailored gift for that person you care about.

Learning how to make a bouquet is the first step in bringing that extra bit of joy to your loved ones. So, take a moment to follow this guide and learn how to make a wonderful flower bouquet today!

Gather Materials

Of course, to make your flower bouquet you will need flowers! Aside from this, you will need to have a vase that fits your vision for what you want the bouquet to look like, and scissors to cut away stray stems and leaves. You may also use garden shears in place of scissors.

Some of the more specialized items you may require to include floral tape or stem wrap, as these are very useful in managing the stems of your flowers and keeping them in place. Make sure not to use clear tape as it is noticeable and ugly, and does not tend to stick very well.

Pick the Flowers

Now you must choose what flowers you want to use in your bouquet. Try to stick to a uniform color scheme, as too much variety could become unpleasing to look at. Make sure, also, that the flowers you will want to use are in season.

You must choose a focal point flower, the one that will be the focus of attention, and then accent flowers that serve to direct the attention towards the main flower. Beautiful flower bouquets have variety and texture to them, but don’t overdo it!

Some general tips include:

  • Picking only 1-3 types of flowers to use as the focal point
  • Picking from 3-5 accent flowers (depending on vase size)
  • Keep to a uniform color scheme

Prepare the Space

Prepare the area you will use to create your bouquet. A flat area with lots of room will give you ample space to lay out all of your flowers. Make sure that your flowers have some cool water to stay in while they wait to be placed in the bouquet.

Prepare your Flowers

You may now begin prepping the flowers by cutting the stems down to your desired size and pruning their leaves. Remove any petals that may be dying, dead, or hanging loosely from the flower.

When making cuts on your flowers ensure that you cut at a diagonal angle. This will keep the length long enough while allowing the flower to absorb as much water as it needs later on. Also, keep any large and pretty leaves that you may be able to use later on as accents.

Place your flowers back into the water as soon as they are prepped to keep them healthy.

Build your Bouquet

Begin by building the base of the bouquet. This consists of your focal flowers and then adding accents around them. Make sure that you follow a consistent rhythm to keep the flow of your bouquet uniform.

Keeping an odd number of flowers in the bouquet is a good rule, as it will direct attention to the focal flower. Once your bouquet is finished you can perform final pruning and make sure that it looks beautiful and presentable.


That’s all you need to know to make your flower bouquet! Though, if you’d rather get professionals to make a wonderful and eye-catching bouquet, look no further than Million De Fleur.

Making a bouquet takes skill and some practice, so if you are short on time or just want to see what a professional bouquet looks like make sure to contact Million De Fleur. For anyone in the Tampa area who is interested in making their beautiful bouquets, learn from the best and see for yourself what a professionally made bouquet looks like.

Picture Credit: Pexels

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