Ways to Decrease Your Appetite

Ways to Decrease Your AppetiteThe most important problem with excess body fat lies in the overuse of foods. Therefore, in order to maintain a lean, slim figure, you do not need to resort to new-fashioned diets, but just be able to control your appetite.

Before we begin the question, “How to reduce appetite?”, Let us first learn what intensifies it.

Appetite boosting foods
Sweet. Any snack with sweets only dulls the hunger first, due to a sharp rise in blood sugar. But it also sharply decreases, igniting the appetite at times stronger.

Drinks. Packaged juices, coffee, alcohol, tea, and more, it is better to substitute pure water, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice or green tea.

Marinades. They stimulate the production of juice in the stomach, and as a result, we eat more of our usual portion.

Artificial additives, including broth cubes, fast food, canned food, semi-finished products and other fast food products.

Spicy, spicy culinary spices and seasonings. In a reasonable amount of seasoning and spices improve digestive processes, promote the breakdown of fat cells and strengthen the immune system. However, appetite is kindled in excessive amounts.

How to keep your appetite under control?
More than a third of food eaten per day should be in the morning and lunch meal. The best way to start the day is to make porridge from oats or sprouted wheat grains for breakfast.

Each meal should end with a slight feeling of hunger as the feeling of fullness comes later. Eat slowly, chewing each piece carefully.

Take a nap in front of your TV, computer, phone, and other distractions.

It is better to have a snack with real roast, real yogurt, pasta or kefir; an apple, a boiled egg, green tea, or a cheese low-fat slice.
Substitute confectionery and various sweets for fresh or dried fruit.

Be sure to drink a glass of squeezed fresh juice or water before each meal. This will help to fill part of the stomach, due to which the feeling of satiety will come sooner. It is also a great way to activate the digestive processes, quenching the hungry feeling.

Diversify your diet with vegetable soups or lean meats. They have a minimal number of calories, but many useful nutrients are saturated.
Try to take a short walk after each meal.

Make sure that legumes (peas, lentils, beans) are present in your diet as they improve the digestive processes and saturate the body quickly.

Wear tight fitting clothing, it will remind you that it is time to stop.

Avoid using spices (especially peppers and salt) when cooking.

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