My really bad experience ordering Tesla Model 3

My really bad experience ordering Tesla Model 3

Below is the timeline of my experience with Tesla and communications with the Tampa Customer Service Center.

  • 10/16/19 – Ordered a Tesla Model 3 Performance for a total of $56, 990.  According to the website a promised delivery date within 2 weeks.
  • 10/24/19 – Called customer service to inquire about the status of my order and spoke with Kayla  She stated the car would be delivered by the end of the year.  This was a complete shock to me since the website gave a 2-week delivery promise. Had I knew my new vehicle was not going to be delivered as promised I would not have turned in my other vehicle. (Now I’m currently without a vehicle).  Since the vehicle was not going to be delivered any time soon, I asked if the darker rims could be added to my order. When I placed my original order, this option was not available.  But on the 24thit became available at no additional cost.
  • 10/25/19 – In the review of the website, my order was updated to include dark rims.  However, the price was increased to $57,990. The delivery was changed to 8-10 weeks. I called customer service and spoke with Kayla, once again and asked about the increase in the price. I explained if there was a price difference for the darker rims, I did not want them.   Kayla stated the price should not have been increased and that she would speak to her manager and call me the next day.
  • 10/28/19 – No returned call from Kayla.  I called Tesla at 813-393-3820 x 4 and spoke with Rachel Martinez.  I explained my issues with the order and my conversation with Kayla.  She promised to investigate the matter.  She stated she needed to speak with her manager and sales team and would call me the next day.
  • 10/31/19 – No call from either Rachel or Kayla.

My experience and communications with Tesla customer service have been less than satisfying. I would appreciate someone to be in contact, to assist in resolving these issues.  I could not imagine Tesla would continue to drop the ball after my numerous attempts to contact customer service.

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