How to Fight Ageism

How to Fight Ageism in Your Job

Ageism is the restriction of any human rights based on age.
Indicating the desired age of candidates in the job description or denying a person a job because of their age is not just ageism, but also a violation of the law, because age cannot be a ground for refusing employment.

This request also indicates that the employer believes that competencies and age are related, although this is not the case.

If a person is engaged in his intellectual development, with age it does not slow down thinking, it does not make worse decisions, can be aware of all trends.

What to do when discriminated against because of age?

If you choose an employer or business partner and see that they are prejudiced because of your age, it is better not to work with such a person at all. But if this cannot be avoided for any reason, one must learn to resist discrimination.

Rely on professionalism

Your professionalism should be more important than your age, gender, skin color, hairstyle, or sexual orientation. Ask yourself why, despite your age, some people perceive you as a too young or too old person, you consider yourself a professional. Write for yourself an answer to 15-20 points. These are the internal reasons you rely on. The answers should be reviewed from time to time and new ones may be added.

If you have confidence inside you that age is not an obstacle and you are a true professional, you will not play the role of an inexperienced or incompetent employee that employers or business partners will try to drive you.

Develop 5-7 options for responding to discrimination

When you notice that colleagues or management allow themselves a derogatory tone of the conversation and they express themselves as if you are not a professional, but just a “girl” or “boy” – you can, for example, show surprise and say that you thought that’s not how a company works.

You should look for ways to return the conversation to the business plane: “I suggest to discuss my age later, and now let’s get to the heart of the matter.” If a person does not move to the business tone, you can refuse to continue the conversation in this tone.

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