Viability Of Diesel Generators In Future

Viability Of Diesel Generators In FutureDue to the rise in industries worldwide, we have also seen a rise in power requirements for these different industries including manufacturing, industrial plants, agriculture, construction, and mining, etc. Grid power has not been able to meet this growing demand especially in the case of the developing world. There is a constant need for diesel generators for generating power.

Advantages of diesel generators over renewables and other alternatives

Little over two decades ago the fuel prices were so low that DGs were getting widely adopted over power grid and for many years diesel generators remained a viable alternative for industries. Even these days’ sectors such as roadways, construction, data centers, and hospitals are using diesel generators for a smooth operation. They are used both as a substitute for grid power and as a trusted emergency backup. They managed to overshadow all other means such as microturbines and renewables due to its advantages such as low operational and capital costs, small maintenance requirements, reliability, operational simplicity, and quick response.

Diesel generators and pollution

A higher level of noise and air pollution around many cities has been attributed to diesel generators especially in the residential, commercial, and industrial regions. With a rise in the technological advances in the case of battery storage, renewables, and their reducing costs many people believe that the days of diesel generators are numbered. DG manufacturers are facing more government regulations and norms every day. DGs are pitted against renewables these days but this comparison is not fair because renewables are a grid power resource while DGs are more useful as a back-up.

Diesel generators and government regulations

But in the modern world, there is a constant demand for energy efficiency and there is a constant demand for changes in government regulations affecting all kinds of climate-altering agents. This has placed the diesel generators under fire and environment protection groups along with government regulations are placing severe pressure on the industry. The unfavorable effects from diesel generator emissions cannot be refuted but their role in helping a range of sectors cannot be undermined. Because of the unavailability of uninterrupted power supply, many of the industries such as mining, telecom, manufacturing, and medicine cannot work efficiently. Unless they have a diesel generator back up that comes to the rescue. It is the main solution for various industries in remote locations.

Diesel generators may remain a viable alternative

The power sector remains affected by all kinds of outside elements. Here are some possible reasons why the diesel generators may still be viable like before.

  • Risk of longer power outages: Most numbers indicate that the modern storms are becoming more severe and as a result, we will get a greater amount of wind speeds, rainfall, and category 4 & 5 hurricanes. Apart from the cost of damage, there is another threat to a continuous power supply. If the sources at NIAC are to be believed the US government is not adequately prepared for any catastrophic power outages as a result of infrastructure damage. Micro-grids may gain popularity due to this threat.
  • Social and political aspect in the US: In 2019 there was a lot of discussion about the Green New Deal which failed to get a single vote in the US senate. Opponents argued about plans to move to 100% renewable energy by the year 2030 making no impact on global warming in any event. All this points to one fact and that the problem is not going away soon.
  • The state of the global economy: Because of the economic downturn these days’ companies are predisposed to locating cheaper material and environmental concerns can be a luxury for many. However, most consumers are unlikely to make dramatic changes to their energy production systems. This may be truer in case a global recession comes into place as predicted by many analysts. Staying with the good old diesel generators rather than moving to renewables will save money over time and will be the safe bet for many.

Diesel generators are likely to remain the mainstay as a power resource in the case of developing countries for sure. If you want to learn more about these diesel generators you can talk to the professionals from Mid Florida Diesel in Florida. They have friendly and yet knowledgeable staff waiting to answer all your concerns.


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