Body Signals That Must Never Be Ignored

Numerous psychological advice says: you need to strive for the mind to control the body.

But there are cases when, on the contrary, your body knows what is best for you.

At such moments, it sends important signals. Your task is to recognize such signals in time and correctly interpret them.

Here are six things that your body can try to tell you, pointing to an existing problem, and how to recognize these signs:

Body Signals

1. You need rest

You need rest

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When it comes to rest, which is necessary for the body, your body knows best when and how much rest it needs. And although it sends you signals, that it is tired, and it needs a respite, many either prefer to ignore signs, or simply can not read them correctly.

What signals does our body send if it is tired and needs a good rest? Here’s what signs you need to pay attention to:

  • On irregular sleep mode: you are used to going to bed at different times of the day, and you can not sleep properly.
  • Sport training suddenly began to give you harder than before, and you feel terrible fatigue after them? This is also a signal that the body needs rest.
  • Decay or, on the contrary, a sharp jump in appetite.

If you are confronted with one of these situations, then it’s time to rest and let your body relax.

2. You need new more comfortable shoes

You need new more comfortable shoes

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Pain in the lower leg and joints, as well as muscle fatigue in the legs – all this may be a sign that you are wearing unsuitable shoes.

Many are inclined to underestimate the harm caused to our health by incorrect or uncomfortable shoes.

The worst thing that you shine when wearing the wrong sneakers, it’s training through pain and inconvenience. However, problems can be much more serious: for example, joint diseases and muscle pain.

Necessarily choose footwear, proceeding from a structure of the leg, its lifting. Correctly selected pair should neither reap, nor dangle on the leg.

Buy shoes according to size. Do not buy shoes for a smaller size, just because you want your foot to look tiny and elegant. And in between, you literally slowly kill your legs.

3. You need more protein

The role of protein in the human body is difficult to overestimate.

Highlighting one of the basic functions of protein, it is worth saying that this macrocell works as a building material for muscle tissue. Since your body counts on a sufficient amount of protein, then its shortage immediately affects the overall well-being.

There are some signs that indicate that your body urgently needs protein and protein:

  • After intensified sports training you need a lot of time and energy to recover.
  • You can also suffer from muscle pain and experience discomfort throughout the body, which also indicates a lack of protein in the body.
  • You often feel weak and tired.
  • There is a feeling of hunger, even if you ate only 2 hours ago.

As a rule, after a dense dinner or dinner, you do not want to eat for a long time. If your body lacks protein, it will use the feeling of hunger as a signal that it is uncomfortable.

You need more protein

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4. On the contrary, too much protein in your body

Although, of course, if necessary, it is necessary to increase the intake of protein, it is also important to remember that in everything a measure is needed.

Excessive amount of protein in your body can lead to a serious malfunction in the kidneys, as they will experience excessive stress.

When this happens, your body tries to signal about this malfunction in your body. Here’s what you should pay attention to:

  • Relief, or you are stronger than usual thirst.
  • Unexplained weight gain caused by excess calories from excess protein. Excess amount of protein will be deposited and transformed into a subcutaneous fatty layer.
  • Changes in the skin, in the most neglected situations-the appearance of acne.

Having adjusted the right balance in your body, you will feel much better.

Tip: Stick to natural protein sources if your body begins to give you these signals.

5. Your body needs more water

Your body needs more water

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Every one of us knows that without water there is no life.

The same goes for our body, which can not function properly unless we supply it with the necessary amount of moisture.

There is a so-called rule of 8 glasses per day. This means that a day should drink no less than the specified amount of fluid. However, 8 glasses is a very conventional concept, since each organism has its own needs.

And certainly it’s worth remembering that it’s one thing to be thirsty, the other is to feel dehydrated.

For example, if you are an athlete, then you need more water than others because of higher metabolic activity and fluid loss through sweating during intense training.

Dehydration can be much more dangerous than it might seem at first glance, so it’s important to notice signs before the problem goes too far:

  • Bole in the joints and spine.
  • Loss of energy and strength.
  • Dis feeling drowsiness or frequent dizziness.
  • Increased hunger.

Such signals do not always mean dehydration, but in order to prevent danger, make sure that your body receives enough fluid for the proper functioning of all organs and systems of the body.

6. The body needs changes

If you are familiar with the following signals, most likely your body needs something new:

  • You feel moral discontent with something, and this state turns into physical problems.
  • You do not see the results after sports training anymore.
  • You do not feel the strength after attending sports training.

Of course, unlike the same dehydration, monotony, routine and systemic will not harm your body and will not have a harmful effect on your health.

However, a little variety will not hurt anyone. If you like running around in the morning, try swimming or rocking the press. If you are attending a gym, try a morning or evening jog. If you are doing weight lifting, try something easier.

Believe me, your body will like such changes.

Body will like such changes

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Try to give your body a little more attention and then you will learn to understand it correctly and not ignore the signals that it sends you.

From time to time, take a break from the routine, give your body a rest, drink enough water, take care of it, find the right balance of protein and other macro elements, try a new sport from time to time, and your body will thank you.

A healthy, happy and rested body has excellent performance and contributes to the fact that you show good results in many aspects of life, and also increase your efficiency.

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