How to Plan a Successful Bachelorette Party

How to Plan a Successful Bachelorette PartyOne of the brightest and happiest days in your life is already close. The date of marriage is approaching and it would be necessary to have time to say goodbye to a free life.

How to spend a bachelorette day before the wedding, so that this day will be unforgettable?

Remember: this is a holiday for the future bride and you need to take into account her taste. For example, if a girl is shy – do not drag her to a male striptease. And vice versa: a lover of noisy parties will be bored to drink tea at home watching a Disney cartoon.

In some cases, the bride herself is engaged in organizing both the wedding and the hen party. If you are from such girls, then you have more opportunities in planning. No surprises: you can choose the perfect place, the right time and generally organize everything to your taste.

First of all, you need to decide on the idea of ​​a party. We suggest the following options.

Ideas for a bachelorette party before the wedding

How to celebrate a bachelorette party? A question that is equally difficult to answer both to the friends and to the bride herself. We offer you a selection of our favorite options – perhaps you will be able to find something useful for yourself.

Bachelorette at home

Many underestimate the option of home celebration, considering it too boring. But, if you think about what to do on your girl’s party, then everything will be very fun.

The first thing that comes to mind in this context is a pajama party. If space allows, it was good to leave your friends at home with an overnight stay. Standard dress code – gowns, pajamas, funny pyramids of hair and no makeup. Guests can be treated with homemade cocktails and pizza ordered at home. As entertainment, you can put your favorite cartoon, romantic comedy or review old photos with a future husband.

Plus such a bachelorette is that you are not limited to any framework – do what you want and as you want. You can play games, share secrets, fight pillows, be photographed and yelp, jump on the bed … In a word, play like children.

Bachelorette Party at the club

Became already a classic, a version of a bachelorette party in the night establishment You can go to a club, a karaoke bar or even a male strip club!

Erotic show performed by an incendiary stripper. Men dance striptease in scenic costumes: cowboy, policeman, doctor, hooligan, James Bond and many others for every taste and desire.

You will walk all night long. Such entertainment is sure to be remembered by every guest.

You can specify a certain dress code: for example, all girls must come in short dresses or make up their lips with red lipstick.

This option of celebration is what is called “tearing away in full”. Even if you are not inclined to such noisy entertainments, perhaps, at least once in a lifetime it is worth trying?

Bachelorette Party in the Spa

A great way to combine business with pleasure! If you choose this option, you can assign it only a few days before the wedding. Relax, enjoy relaxing procedures, and at the same time – arrange a holiday for your skin and hair. As a result, you can spend the whole day with your friends, and on your wedding day – you will look just fine!

How to arrange a hen party: preparation

Preparing for a party takes place in stages. To begin with, you need to think through all the details and only then start to organize.

  • Set the date.
  • Make a list of guests.
  • Buy a veil.
  • Choose a place to hold.
  • Make up the scenario for a bachelorette party.
  • Order invitation cards and cake.
  • Rent a car.

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