Best Benefits Of Boxing For Fitness

Best Benefits Of Boxing For FitnessIn modern life, a person should not have any relationship to the sport. Fitness boxing is anaerobic-aerobic exercise, based on movement and special exercises, which are widely used in our professional sports activities. Fitness boxing can be practiced by people of different gender, age and level of physical fitness.

This can solve a number of tasks:

  • master the skills of self-defense;
  • lose weight;
  • keep yourself in good physical and functional form;
  • learn to better manage your mental states;
  • increase self-esteem and become more confident.

Fitness boxing is increasingly chosen not only by men, but also by fragile representatives of the weaker sex. During training, all muscle groups are involved, so they must freely perform attacking and defensive actions, feints and movements. Intensive and long-term work in this style allows you to carefully work out the muscles of the legs, arms, chest, back and abdominal muscles, and after the first month of systematic exercise, endurance and muscle tone increase.

Hourly training on fitness boxing can burn up to 1000 calories, which determines its effectiveness. For comparison: an hour of cycling burns 300-700 calories, an hour of running – 400-800 calories, an hour of power aerobics – 500-800 calories, an hour of step aerobics – 400-500 calories.

In modern conditions stressful conditions. Relieve stress – get a physical exertion in the classroom fitness box. Training will allow you to reset the negative energy, “discharge”, switch, relieve psychological stress and relax the psyche.

As a rule, they are built in accordance with the generally accepted method in boxing. Before the main load it is necessary to warm up and stretch all parts of the body. A light jog or work on the orbitrek at an average pace is great for warming up. This is necessary in order to multiply all joints, especially the shoulder girdles and backs.

The absence of a warm-up or its irrational construction, as a rule, leads to various kinds of injuries. After the warm-up, there are auxiliary exercises for the development of various physical qualities (strength, speed, flexibility, speed) and several rounds of work on the air, where boxers must protect equipment, protective and mobile. Then comes the development of technical and tactical actions in a pair with a partner without gloves and gloves. As a rule, such work is carried out easily, without investing power in the blows performed. After this perfection, speed, strength and endurance on boxing bags and paws. Boxers perform various exercises for the press, legs, back and upper shoulder girdle.

This is not a sport, but sports, and the load should not be permissible for each individual and is planned individually for each. Systematic fitness boxing classes allow you to master the skills of self-defense, improve your health, gain self-confidence, correct your body shape, improve your functional skills and optimize your psychological state.

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