Hypnosis: 8 Myths Most People Believe

Hypnosis: 8 Myths Most People Believe

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To hypnosis, as to hypnotists, all the time the existence of this technique was a lot of interest and as much distrust. The show, which uses hypnosis, films about spies and thieves, allegedly using hypnosis for their own mercenary purposes, exposing sects, also using versions of techniques for introducing into trance, add mystery to this technique.

Myth 1. During hypnosis, a person sleeps. This is a misconception. At least because a sleeping person is quite difficult to ask for something to do, while properly immersed in hypnosis a person carries out certain instructions of a hypnologist. So it’s right to think that hypnosis is not a dream, but an altered state of consciousness. The person is in a trance, the control of his mind is significantly (or completely) weakened, but there are feelings and sensations in the body.

Myth 2. A hypnotist (hypnologist, hypnotherapist), while a person is in a state of hypnosis, can give any indication, up to “go and kill.” This is partly true. Indeed, in a state of hypnosis, a person can be instructed to kill, but on condition that it is included in his system of values. Otherwise, some additional impacts will have to be taken, for example, to kill a man became as easy as killing a fly. Or, to create the feeling that if something is not killed now, something irreversible will happen (this person will kill you). Then, when you meet that person on the street, you will feel that he wants to attack you. But these impacts are technologically difficult and time-consuming. In this case, you must be of concrete value in the decision to kill a particular person. Few hypnotherapists reach this level. Almost all those who work with the solution of some psychological problems of their patients are interested in quickly solving the problem and getting money for it so that they are recommended to other people.

Myth 3. A hypnologist can inspire sexual fantasies in a state of hypnosis. As in the previous paragraph, this is true only in a small part. The hypnologist can try to instill sexual fantasies and use the state of trance to have sex with his “victim.” But he will get it only if he meets the sexual preferences of the hypnotized. Otherwise it will be the same violence as without hypnosis, with the only difference being that there will be less physical effort here.

Myth 4. “Hypnosis does not work for me”. In fact, only a small percentage of people do not have hypnosis. And the higher the intellect and the more developed the imagination in a person, the easier it goes to hypnosis.

Myth 5. A hypnotist is omnipotent, any person can be in his power. This myth is born from various shows in which hypnotists show miracles of their art on stage. In fact, hypnotists who organize a show choose people by the level of hypnosis (individual ability to undergo hypnosis). From the number of volunteers, on certain grounds, less hypnabic ones are chosen, which are sent back to the hall, and after stage-by-stage screening, only those who are most capable of hypnosis remain on the scene. The audience does not follow all these actions, and it seems to them that people who possess hypnosis are actually powerful magicians and wizards.

Hypnosis Myths and Misconceptions

Myth 6. The hypnotist something will lay down the, as the chip which for ever will connect with it the person. To a certain extent, this is possible. Practiced so-called hypnosis. When the hypnologist at the next meeting, working with his patient, utters specific words, the patient will be in the same state as when he was “implementing” the hypnotics. This is necessary in order to again step through all the levels of immersion in order to reach the depth that the patient has plunged into during the previous hypnosis session and not to waste time and effort. In this case, there is a contract with the subconscious that under certain conditions, which are stipulated in advance, certain words will be pronounced, after which the person will be immersed in the same state. The myth is that any person, intentionally or accidentally uttering these words at some point in his life, can introduce a person into that very trance state. But this is hardly possible, since all the conditions will not be met: the situation of the hypnotherapist’s office, the voice of the hypnotherapist, etc.

In the literature, a case is described when one of the instructors at a stop saw that when he met with him, the officer leaned against the post and plunged into a trance. It turned out that once upon a time this officer was taking psychotherapy with him, and there were conditions that were repeated at the meeting at the stop (the tie was tied in a certain way). But this is a very rare coincidence.

Myth 7. Under hypnosis, you can find out all the secrets. You want to hide from your husband the fact of treason, and he will take you to a hypnotist and find out the truth. In fact, if a woman basically does not want to talk about her lovers, it will be very expensive for her husband to find a professional who would even hypnotize her to tell the truth. To tell the truth about himself, a person should volunteer to cooperate with a hypnologist, and for this it is necessary to spend a lot of time preparing the base in order to remember some details and tell about yourself.

Myth 8. Hypnosis changes personality. As if a hypnotist can rummage through a person’s head and change something in it qualitatively. In fact, this is found only in movies. With the help of hypnosis, you can eliminate the “splinter” (trauma, which prevents living happily), but it is impossible to implant this “splinter”. It is impossible with the help of hypnosis to make a person worse than he is. A hypnotist can not make you a murderer, a prostitute, a maniac, if you are not capable of it initially. Your defenses will work for you, and your psyche will not allow you to break from the outside your integrity.

Are you still afraid of hypnosis? In this case, you have the right to insure yourself by requiring a hypnotherapist to record your meeting. The offices of many hypnologists are equipped with video cameras, your meetings are recorded, and you can always make sure that nothing happened with you that was not stipulated in the preliminary conversation.

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