Vegetables and Fruits Could Delay ALS Progression

A recent trial carried out on ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis has pinpointed that increased consumptions of veggies and fruits could be instrumental in decelerating the steady progression of the grave neurological disorder.  The study whose details were issued in JAMA Neurology magazine elaborated on the contribution of nutrients in the foods prepared with green vegetables and fruits in alleviating the severity of ALS sometimes referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Regular or routine consumption of fruits as well as vegetables that are loaded with carotenoids and nutrients rich in antioxidants could help allay the gradual development of ALS.

ALS happens to be a debilitating neurological disorder where muscles in your body atrophy, gradually become weaker and waste away as these fail to receive nourishment over a period of time. The atrophy is termed lateral because the region in the spinal column where a section of nerve tissues and cells that monitor the muscles gets degenerated or disintegrated. Degeneration causes the area to become sclerotic or hardened up. Ultimately, the motor neurons (the nerve cells) become dysfunctional and die leading to muscles losing their ability to function voluntarily for good.

ALS patients because of the neurological disorder are unable to perform the most routine, everyday tasks like talking, walking or breathing. Progression of ALS happens fast as the muscles become atrophied and paralyzed, finally leading to respiratory failure. After an individual is diagnosed with ALS, he or she survives for 2-4 years. Jeri Nieves, the researcher who spearheaded the study suggests that ALS patients to increase their consumption of those foods or food items that were loaded with carotenes and antioxidant nutrients.

He also recommended these patients to eat food items prepared from grains, cereals, and lentils rich in fibers as well as poultry and fish. Jeri also observed that the aforementioned food items had a positive role to play in averting the occurrence or development of other diseases or disorders that were chronic in nature and became graver steadily. Such patients were advised to stay away from milk, dairy products, and sliced turkey, roast beef, and ham cuts. ALS largely affects individuals in the age group of 40-70 and more men than women are affected by the neurological disorder. The research was conducted to analyze the role antioxidant nutrients played in averting ALS. Studies carried out in the past concluded that persons who included more of those food items which were laden with antioxidants, vitamin E, in particular, were less prone to being affected by ALS.

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