Ginseng and Your Health: Herbal Treatment and Prevention

Ginseng and Your Health: Herbal Treatment and PreventionAmerica’s “health craze” over the health benefits and cross-uses of Ginseng throughout the course of the past several years have been anything but low key. As with some health trends in the past, effective natural or holistic “remedies” that pose genuine health benefits are further examined by health professionals and scholars for legitimate use in the health field. In the case of Ginseng, scientific studies and research groups show that Ginseng has been a trusted ‘home remedy’ for more than one hundred years for many Asia countries which have influenced the world over time.
Though many health experts are hesitant, it’s understandable. Gaining FDA approval or being given the “green light” for mass, pharmaceutical or corporate production of a certain type of root, plant, or other ‘natural remedy’ is a tough task, and medical experts are equally cautious for the sake of maintaining their reputation of expertise in fields such as natural medicine and family medicine.

On the other hand, Ginseng has been scientifically proven to improve cognitive functions. Through clinical studies at a major South Korean Neurological Institution researchers found that those with ADHD can benefit from Ginseng as well. The studies showed improvements in neurochemicals which effect focus. Ginseng can help provide balance to the chemicals in your brain – in turn, action neurons, and your behavior.

Ginseng Honey, Tea, and natural herbal ingredients (including pill form) have also been found to both boost metabolism as well as suppress appetite. Scientific studies conducted with mice found this to be true, and that it also helped to both reduce as well as prevent obesity in multiple studies through the administration of Ginseng Berry. A common form and easy for consumption.

According to a study back in 2002 conducted at the Department of Physiology by Illinois University School of Medicine students and medical experts found that given its ability to improve chemical balance in the brain, central nervous system response, and overall mood levels that sexual or erectile dysfunction can also be effectively treated with Ginseng. Powered Korean Red Ginseng seemed to be most effective in the treatment of ED in test subjects, and this demonstrates how the various types and forms of Ginseng from across the world can be more effective and work differently for different holistic or medicinal purposes.

For those with Diabetes 2, prone to Diabetes by genetics, and those just looking to generally lower and effectively balance their blood sugar levels Ginseng has been found to be an excellent solution to decreasing the blood glucose levels in your body. And while any form or claim of a prospective ‘cure’ for Cancer is a very touchy subject, scientists and medical professionals around the world have found, and stand behind the claims that consumption of Ginseng helps to improve the immune system, in particular, T and NK cells which contribute to apoptosis, oxidative stress, and angiogenesis – all chemical elements in the body that either interact with or compete with cancerous (cell retardation) development in the human body.

With all of this being said, as mentioned above Ginseng is excellent for improving, restoring, and enhancing your immune system – your body’s natural defense – with fighting off viruses, diseases, and illnesses. Similar to daily consumption of Vitamin C or B12 Ginseng has great health benefits for maintaining your overall health, mood, and in the long-term preventing harmful diseases or medical conditions that directly impact your cardiovascular system and even your brain.

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