Simple and Cute Sewing Crafts For Kids

Simple and Cute Sewing Crafts For KidsIf you have little children, training them how to sew can be a great move which could prove to be rewarding in the days ahead. As with every other work of art, children can learn and master sewing by engaging in some simple and cute crafts under the watchful eyes of their parents. The most important thing to do is to ensure that they have access to children-friendly sewing machines and then pick sewing projects that will be entertaining to them based on their age. Here are some simple sewing crafts you can do with your kids: –

Emoji Keyrings

If you’ve ever gone shopping especially looking for pillow cases with your kids, you will appreciate the kind of interest they have especially when they see products that bear emojis. You can pick on this interest and have your children design some little cute emoji key rings and distribute them among their friends or schoolmates. Since emojis look funny and cute, your children will have a great time making them.

Little pillow cases

Pillow cases are very easy to make and exciting especially when your children are making them for their dollies. You can get some of those leftover fabrics especially the colored ones and have your kids make some little, attractive pillows for use in their games. These pillows can have different shapes including clouds shape, heart shape or even ovals. Just choose something exciting for their eyes.

Pleated headband

Every child will love making their own cute headbands especially if they have a combination of colored fabrics, charms, and buttons. You can buy these cheaply and have your little one’s design and sew their own pleated headbands.

Felt iPod Case

Ask your children to make some iPod cases or make some for their use. These can be great for teaching your children how to sew even if they don’t have their own phones. Decorate them with some little buttons of different colors.

Girl doll dresses

Dressing their dollies would definitely be something that your children will fall in love with. This sewing craft is simple and does not take a lot of time and your girlie will learn it within no time.

Flannel Hand Warmers

Flannel hand warmers are some of the most popular yet simple and cute sewing crafts you can teach your kids to try. You can inspire them into this sewing project by getting them catchy fabric colors and go step by step with them. The best with this craft is that they can try with fabric from old T-shirts and other fabrics laying around unused.

Tote bags

Tote bags are easy to sew and will fit in very well when you want simple and cute sewing ideas for your little ones. They can recycle the old T-shirts or old jeans to come up with

These are some of the amazing sewing crafts you can engage your kids with especially if you have the right sewing machine. Just let them try and learn throughout the process and with time you’ll have pros.


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