Overhead Lifting Can Improve Safety and Efficiency with Crane Systems

Overhead Lifting Can Improve Safety and Efficiency with Crane SystemsCranes are essential equipment used in lifting heavy objects efficiently and swiftly in controlled environments. They can be utilized in a variety of lifting situations, and they can lift almost all the heavy loads within the space they serve

When a contractor is moving materials within your manufacturing factory or warehouse, safety and efficiency are two essential factors, which you should always consider.

What are overhead lifting systems

Overhead lifting system can save the time, avoid possible accidents and boost the pace of the manufacturing process. It is a kind of crane systems that requires a bridge including chains, magnets or hooks to lift; move in multiple directions and unguided loads. The bridge that it requires has the trolley and the pulley system and is supported at both the ends, so the bridge is capable of moving along a parallel rail. Certain changes are required on the parallel rail system if the area is not rectangular but circular.

You can’t use cranes in the corridors, but they can move in multiple directions in your warehouse. So this feature of cranes makes them better than floor-based movers such as trucks and they can also lift heavier or oddly-shaped loads more securely than floor movers.

There are many kinds of floor based movers available, and forklift is one of them which usually is vulnerable to having materials fall because of unbalanced loads.

But with overhead lifting system, you can easily meet all your requirements as they are safer to use and don’t consume much electricity, especially when you use the manual option.

Most Common overhead lifting system

Overhead Lifting Can Improve Safety and Efficiency with Crane SystemsCrane Systems

Another effective type of overhead lifting system is Monorail. Monorail can introduce efficiencies into the method of working. Whereas on-floor movers can position scores of loads that are similar in shape, they take up a significant amount of floor space and can obstruct movement of man and material on the shop floor.

Monorails are also best for moving objects along a parallel rail at a fixed rate of speed, just like conveyors. But It is always important to have the system that is built into the roof of the factory freeing up the floor space for other uses. Overhead monorail lifting system also helps reduce the potential for injury.

So the type of overhead lifting system always depends on the type of use in the warehouse or factory, on what process they are currently using and what they are manufacturing. So if your warehouse is large, or you own a shipyard, then you can afford to use the overhead lifting crane systems. Overhead lifting system is the best option to use where there are heavy loads to lift. Floor based movers also cannot move heavy loads and position them as accurately has overhead cranes. Moreover, there will be other machinery on the shop floor and a floor based mover cannot move heavy loads over this machinery or structures on the shop floor to the desired location. There are many companies out there that offer a full range of lifting solutions as per customer requirements.

But before getting the overhead lifting system installed in your factory, just make sure that the system is from the reputable company. That way you can have faith on your manufacturer and can expect them to deliver high-quality overhead crane system. A well-known company will always provide you with proper services related to delivery, installation, and maintenance. These heavy-duty cranes will require routine maintenance to be able to remain functional throughout the year. Reputed manufacturers will ensure that routine maintenance is done on time thus preventing any downtime due to crane brake down.

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