The Many Ways A Protein-Rich Diet Can Help Natural Weight Loss

The Many Ways A Protein-Rich Diet Can Help Natural Weight Loss Numerous scientific studies have established that not only are proteins the essential building blocks for the body but also the single most vital nutrient required for weight loss and a shapely body. There is conclusive evidence to show that a protein-rich diet can boost metabolism, reduce appetite and craving as well as influence a number of hormones that regulate weight. A high intake of protein can help to reduce both overall weight and belly fat. Some insights into how proteins can help you to lose weight:

Effect on Hormones That Regulate Weight

The hypothalamus in the human brain is responsible for regulating body weight. It processes a large amount of information to determine when a person should eat and how much to consume. Hormones that provide the brain some of the most vital signals also have the capability of changing in response to the body’s nutrition requirement. When a lot of protein is consumed, it leads to the reduction of the level of the satiety hormones as well as the hunger hormone. Due to this, there is a reduction in the level of hunger due to which you eat less and lose weight.

Protein Digestion and Metallization Burns Calories

The process of digesting food and metabolizing it burns calories. This effect is also referred to as the thermic effect of food (TEF). Though there is a debate on the absolute figures, everyone agrees that the TEF of protein is much higher than that of fats and carbohydrates. A TEF of 30% for protein effectively means that out of 100 calories you only get 70 calories for building the body, while the rest is consumed during digestion and the metabolic process.

Consuming Proteins Increases the Calorie Burn Rate

As a consequence of the TEF and other factors, consuming more proteins has the effect of boosting metabolism. The boost is not only immediately after having the protein-rich meal but continues round-the-clock, even when you are asleep. According to studies, it is possible for someone on a high protein diet to consume 80-100 calories more every day. The calories burned are linked to the amount of protein intake; the more you consume, the more the calories burned. This phenomenon gives protein consumption a distinct advantage over other nutrients. The search for a protein with the highest TEF is still on.

Loss of Weight Possible by Consuming Proteins Even Without Deliberate Calorie Restriction

When you consume protein, not only do you contain your calorie intake compared to fats and carbohydrates but also you tend to burn more calories to the enhanced TEF effect. Thus, it is quite possible to lose weight just by adopting a high-calorie diet without even limiting the calories consumed or the portions of carbohydrates and fats. Also, a protein-rich diet has been demonstrated to cause less accumulation of belly fat that is associated with various diseases. The tendency of regaining weight over a period of time also becomes less when you are on a high protein diet. 

Proteins Thwart Metabolic Slowdown and Muscle Loss

It is not necessary that when you lose weight, you also lose fat. The weight loss can also result to some extent from the reduction of muscle mass. However, the real intention of losing weight for most people is to reduce body fat, both under the skin and around the organs. Unfortunately, in the process of burning fat, there is muscle loss also. Another effect of weight loss is that there is a reduction in the rate of metabolism. This means that you are now burning up fewer calories than before the weight reduction. By eating lots of protein, you can reduce muscle loss thereby helping to keep your metabolism high and burning more body fat. A protein-rich diet and strength training are the twin pillars of an effective fat loss strategy.


When attempting to lose fat and look better, there is nothing better than protein. Add the maximum amount of protein that you can consume while cutting down on the carbohydrates and fats for best results. Instead of bingeing on proteins, it is better to work out a dietary plan that is rich in protein and can act as an enduring anti-obesity strategy. The best thing is that most proteins are extremely palatable and you should have no issues at all in adopting a protein-rich diet.

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