Tips on Maintenance of Drains to Avoid Blockage Issue at Home

Tips on Maintenance of Drains to Avoid Blockage Issue at HomeThe drains are essential parts of our residences, as all the waste fluids from the kitchens and bathrooms pass away from home through these vital outlets. So, it is important for the homeowners and the residents to look after the maintenance of these drainage systems. Else, they have to face the problem of blocked drains, leading to accumulation of dirty water in kitchens or bathrooms. There are a few simple methods of taking care of the drains, failing which the homeowners may need to hire a local plumber for fixing the issues with these drains.

Major causes that lead to blockage of drains at residential buildings are:

  • Many people let the hairs to pass away through the drains of the bathrooms while washing the hairs. These hairs slowly accumulate along the drainage pipe and ultimately lead to blockage. Therefore, it is best to pull out the small amounts of hairs from the drains regularly, by putting on gloves on hands.
  • The kitchen sinks mostly clog due to the accumulation of the grease or oils washed off from the utensils after cooking or eating. It is best not to wash these utensils in the sinks, without clearing off the grease from them that can be disposed of with the garbage products. None other fatty foods should pass through the kitchen sinks as well.
  • Some people tend to throw away the toiletries into the sewage pipes, giving rise to blocked drains soon. Hence, they should dispose these waste toiletries into the garbage bin, keeping the sink free from all kind of solid materials.
  • During the autumn, the fallen leaves and dry twigs or shrubs may be blown away by the wind to the open end of the drainage system, causing a blockage. So, it is best to clean the garden regularly, to keep the outdoor space free from such natural debris that can block the drains any time. The houses having large deciduous trees need to be particularly careful in this matter.
  • The water may accumulate within the house compound after a torrential rain. The flooding ground may flow all the debris off the ground into the drainage pipes. Thus, it is essential to keep the whole ground outside the building clean to prevent this cause of the blockage. The gutters should be regularly cleaned to enable the rainwater to flow out of the roofs easily.
  • Tips on Maintenance of Drains to Avoid Blockage Issue at HomeThe drain pipe may sometimes crack in between due to many years of constant uses or the growth of any tree nearby, whose roots have caused the wreckage. However, the sewage water is blocked due to this fracture of the pipe that is not easily detectable, without a professional plumber. Hence, if no visible causes can be discovered for the blockage in the drains, it is best to call an experienced plumber to check out the entire system.
  • If the drain pipes are not installed correctly at the initial stage, the water will not pass smoothly through these pipes, causing blockage very soon. Therefore, the house owners should never try to do this installation themselves, unless they have a personal experience of working as a professional plumber. It is wise to hire an expert professional who will be able to open the pipes and reinstall them correctly, erasing out all blockage problems.When the drainage system is well maintained by the house owner, the whole house is saved from unpleasant smells emitting from the drains. The residents can feel happier with fast flowing sewage water through the drains and clogging-free toilets. The surrounding air can be free from the growth of any bacteria or other germs that are dangerous for health.

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