The Easy Way To Move Your Piano

moving piano

Moving of any kind is a stressful activity for many people. A big reason for this is the variety of items that will have to be moved. This will include furniture, cabinets etc. There is another thing that is not very common but is so important to those who have it. That would be the piano. Whatever the size of the piano, it does require some care when it needs to be moved. If something goes wrong, the piano can very easily get damaged. You will definitely want to prevent this from happening. So, with the help of the tips mentioned here, piano moving is going to be very easy for you. Let us see how we can go about that.


This is one thing that can be applied to anything that you do in life. Without planning, your moving will probably fail. This goes to show how important this part is in the entire process. First, go ahead and take the measurements of your piano. Once you do this, you will know what you can and cannot during the moving. Then, map out the route through which the piano will be moved. Make exact calculations of the piano from the time it leaves your place till it reaches the destination. The final step would be to get the safety measures taken care of. Apart from the use of packing tape, you can also use bedsheets or blankets to prevent any sort of scuffing from happening. Keep the path clear of any other obstacles to ensure smooth movement.


It is essential for you and the movers to communicate effectively. When this is hampered, it will only end up hurting the piano. So, feel free to tell them what you want to be done. This will give them some confidence as well. If you show them that you value them and their input, they will be more willing to take care of the piano. Be available to help at any point in the moving. It is very easy to get stressed and angry about the whole thing but try and remain as calm as possible. Even if there is a minor misstep, do not scold the movers because if you do, they will find it difficult to be careful.


This is what you will use to actually do the moving of the piano. One of the tools that you have at your disposal is what’s called as a dolly. It is essentially a platform with wheels on which you can mount the piano. When the piano is on the dolly, make sure that you secure it with a rope so it does not fall. Of course, this is helpful only on flat surfaces, so keep that in mind. For a more challenging surface such as a staircase, you can always employ a ramp to overcome that issue. This ramp will also help you when you are pushing the piano into the truck. And finally, when the piano is inside the truck, fasten it with a seatbelt type tool to prevent it from shaking around.

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