Summer to winter – carrying on your favourite sports as the weather turns colder

Carrying on your favourite sports as the weather turns colderAs the weather turns and the nights draw in it can be easy to shut the curtains and switch to channel surfing for the winter, or for the more energetic, take up on the spot cycling in a crowded gym. Have you ever considered, however, how exhilarating it could be to exercise outside with a chill in the air? With the right equipment, you don’t need to let the weather be a barrier to the thrill of outdoor exercise. Outdoor exercise lifts your mood and affords you the space and fresh air that you just can’t find in a gym.

Cycling Extreme

If you are a cycling enthusiast during the summer then why let your enjoyment lapse during the colder months? Mountain biking can be huge amounts of fun in the winter. Granted you need to expect to finish your ride wet through and covered in mud, but this all adds to the enjoyment. Mountain biking is an excellent option for thrill seekers; it’s exciting and great cardio exercise to boot.

Don’t run out of steam with running

Running in winter offers a beauty all of its very own. With fewer runners out on the trails you can enjoy your glorious surroundings in the peace and tranquillity offered by a crisp winter’s day. The refreshing cool air means that you don’t overheat as you push your body to its limits and for those who are a little more shy about being seen while pounding the pavements, the dark evenings make for a great disguise.

Team spirit

For those of you who prefer to socialise and enjoy the encouragement that exercising with other people offers, there are a whole host of team games that are perfect for playing during the colder months. How about football, rugby or even hockey? The best bit is, the post-match analysis can take place by a roaring fire.

Brave enough?

For all but the most committed surfer, the end of summer signals the end of the season. However, those in the know understand that the winter can actually offer an even better surfing experience than the warmer months. The winter means bigger waves, fewer crowds and more consistent surf. Be sure to invest in a good 5mm neoprene suit along with boots, gloves and hood, and you are good to go. The hardest part of winter surf is changing out of your wetsuit while exposed to the elements but a decent surf towel will help to protect against the worst of the chill.

Take it inside

Whilst skiing and snowboarding seem like the obvious option for winter sports we unfortunately don’t often have enough snow to guarantee enjoyment on a regular basis. Indoor skiing and snowboarding centres are a great opportunity to participate in this winter sport without having to rely on the weather. It also means that you have the opportunity to get lots of practice in for when the UK does have a cold snap or when you’re lucky enough to travel to a proper ski resort.

Ice skating is a much easier sport to participate in on a regular basis as numerous rinks pop up throughout the winter months. Wrap up warm and go with the flow whilst you enjoy the graceful sport of ice skating. It’s also a great sport to get the whole family involved in as there is often equipment to help those who are less steady on their feet.

Whatever your sport of choice, why not get out there, embrace winter and have a great time. Winter sports can be great fun and have amazing benefits for both body and mind.

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