Highlights of Galaxy S9 you should Aware about

Highlights of Galaxy S9 you should aware aboutSouth Korean company Samsung has been released its new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus on March 29. These devices have a number of benefits that can help developers overcome the crisis after poor sales of Galaxy Note 7. Samsung is also going to make hit its new device – The Galaxy S9. Galaxy S9 will launch next year. The expected date for its launch is in mid-March. It is expected that Samsung will launch its device in its own event rather than the MWC. Grandest end March will be the presentation of flagship Samsung Galaxy S9. It would be a real breakthrough and the beginning of the steep would change in the world of smartphones! Here, after several months of waiting, we will finally acquaint+ with the latest Samsung! First, of course, highlights the main feature of Galaxy S9.

Separately, you can talk about the camera. It was a very high quality here. No wonder the cost of optical glass for S8 was 8000 rubles (13% of the cost of the entire device). Dual Camera 12 MP received aperture f 1.7. Automatically improve photosystem is able to make 3 shots at a time, and then select the two best and detail objects depending on the light. For fans selfie camera provides 8 MP. Images in the results are very busy. Flagships can record video in 4K resolution. The first test in the AnTuTu results showed that the “hardware” and the optics of the Samsung outperformed the competition on several levels. A full release is scheduled for April 21. Already the flagship is now some expert, who will have to leave their opinions about the new smartphone. Devices cost $ 750 in the base assembly and $ 750 in the top. The cost of Galaxy S9 will obviously be high. No company will be interested letting its phone’s prices down; obviously, Galaxy S9 price would be quite higher than Galaxy S8+. The expected price for Galaxy S9 might be 1060USD.

Another chip Galaxy S8 and S8 + began to work in desktop mode. This can be done using a special device – DeX dock, which connects to a smartphone, monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Everything is convenient and works without problems. The innovative technology of DeX would be seen in GALAXY S9. It will enable the user letting their device act as a computer desktop. Galaxy S9 will be able to connect with this feature in a higher time than Galaxy S8. Additionally, another latest technologies we might enjoy are ANT+, MST, MU-MIMO and IR blaster. All these innovative features of Samsung Galaxy S9 will make you grin and will be reflected as the best thing after spending a high range on this phone.

Treat smooth operation navigation Galaxy S8 and S8 plus which is working on a new interface, switching between apps you will immediately notice the impressive visualization on the screen. Galaxy S9 is completely ready to compete with other companies like Apple, LG, Sony, Huawei, etc. Next year, Apple is releasing its iPhone 8. Let’s see who will hit the first inning.

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