How to Choose the Best Tadoba Accommodation When You Are on a Business Trip

How to Choose the Best Tadoba Accommodation When You Are on a Business TripNobody could resist the temptation of an unbeatable wildlife trip featuring a cozy stay and thrilling jungle safari. Your wildlife travel to India becomes really more exciting if you plan a trip to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve. This would certainly suit your budget and fulfill all your wildlife travel aspirations and expectations. If you are traveling to Tadoba on business, you need not worry as there are a plethora of accommodation options including resorts, hotels, and homestays all around the National Park catering to different budgets. You could choose one of the plush yet affordable resorts and make an advance booking well on time.

Tadoba Tiger Reserve: A Great Tourist Attraction

Tadoba Tiger Reserve is a hot-spot for wildlife enthusiasts as it is known for its exotic wildlife and an equally magical topography. Some of the highlighting geographical features include lakes, rugged cliffs, and even marshes. The Royal Bengal Tigers definitely steal the show. Moreover, tourists could come across a splendid and mesmerizing variety of wild animals including Wolf, Bison, Hyena, Jackal, Fox, Deer, Sambar, Barking Deer, Nilgai, Wild Boar, Sloth Bear, Chinkara, Jungle Cat, Four-Horned Deer, Leopard, Langur, Rusty Spotted Cat, Rhesus Macaque, Peacock, and Wild Dogs. You would marvel at the sight of various species of snakes, spiders, and butterflies.

The Tadoba trip would give bird lovers a wonderful opportunity of bird watching. You could come across diverse bird species including Malabar Pied Hornbill, Indian Scimitar Babbler, Blue Flycatcher, Golden Oriole, Indian Pitta, Plum Headed Parakeet, Black Naped, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Honey Buzzard, Hawk Eagle, White Eyed Buzzard, Drongos, Warblers, Crest Serpent Eagle, Red Spur Fowl, Grey Jungle Fowlhoney Buzzard, Changeable Brown Fish Owl, Shikra, Cuckoos, Larks, and many such exotic species of birds. See and experience nature at its best at Tadoba National Park. Book a room at one of the cozy hotels and resorts close to the tiger reserve and enjoy bird watching, jungle safari, and many other interesting activities.

Wonderful Amenities for Tourists

Most of the resorts and hotels are situated near the Tadoba National Park. You could enjoy a cozy stay as the rooms are truly comfortable, the food is absolutely delectable and the service is spot-on. So if you are traveling to Tadoba on business and if you seem to be confused about which resort or hotel to finalize, you could keep the following factors in mind while choosing the right Tadoba accommodation. Needless to mention since you are traveling on business, you would be attending a number of meetings and calls. Remember to focus on the availability of all the amenities essential for conducting your business smoothly.

Here are some of the things you must always examine while choosing an accommodation.

Surf the Internet & See the Pictures

You must browse the Internet and check out the various pictures that are available on the websites of different hotels & resorts. Most of the good resorts and hotels would be having an impressive gallery of photographs of the rooms, gardens, lobby, restaurants, coffee bars, washrooms and other places. If you see these pictures, you could get a clear idea about the standard of the hotel or resort and the exact layout of the different rooms, the décor and even the furniture of the hotel. These pictures could guide you in choosing the right accommodation as per your unique requirements.

Check Out the Amenities & Facilities

Proper electricity connectivity, a fast Wi-Fi, comfortable and laptop safe amenities are necessary characteristics of a good resort or hotel. You may need to speak or communicate with your business partners and offshore colleagues or more importantly, with your family members. So it is of crucial importance that the hotel or resort you are choosing has excellent connectivity.

Do Online Booking in Advance

It is best to get an advance booking especially while traveling on business along with your team. You could avail impressive discounts offered by many hotels and resorts in Tadoba if you book a meeting or conference spaces.

Proximity to the Forest Is the Key

You must choose an accommodation that is located in really close proximity to the National Park so that you could enjoy seeing various wildlife species running here and there among the trees in the forest. You could see colorful birds that would be stealing your heart. Bird watchers could get a fulfilling experience to be among such a wonderful variety of bird species.


You must choose a resort or hotel that promises a jungle safari for its esteemed guests. It should be in really close proximity to the pristine forest so that you could easily catch a glimpse of a Royal Bengal Tiger having water from a nearby pond or maybe a playful cub running about in a good mood. Tadoba is a wonderful tourist destination for business travelers. You could absorb the natural beauty, serenity, and the greenery all around you.

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