When Bed Bugs Attack!

Bed bugsWhen Bed Bugs Attack! are a modern day plague that is costing homeowners and businesses 100s of millions of dollars annually. The prehistoric critters are almost impossible to get rid of and professionals are making a fortune eradicating them. You can do your own due diligence by taking precautions and by applying some simple techniques.

Bed bugs are tough to get rid of because at first, they’re difficult to detect until it’s too late. Usually, the first sign that they’ve infested the home is when someone ends up with a rash or welt from the bed bugs bite. These creatures can leave quite a mark and when they attack they can not only leave visible injuries but can spread a variety of diseases that can be debilitating.

Once the bugs are detected, you’ve got to act fast. They usually hit beds and that means inspecting in on and around the bed looking for the tiny reddish-brown bugs or stains from their fecal leavings. Once seen, it means you’re not only infected but it’s been going on for some time. Calling a professional is imperative at this point. You’ll need to strip the b ed of the sheets and covering, move any objects away, check closets and bed tables, rugs and more. Move these out of the house and wait for the bed bug exterminator.

The exterminator knows just what to look for. They’ll educate you regarding what your next role is and that could mean a lot. It could mean discarding items or moving items like large cabinets and such out of the house. Electronic equipment as well because bed bugs love warm places and a warm laptop or game console is quite the inviting place for these bed bugs. You might lose some clothing and other possessions and if the bugs have invaded wood furnishings, you’ll need heavy duty attention.

The bed bug exterminator may use a combination of techniques and technologies ranging from insecticides to temperature controlled. Look for a bed bug exterminator that uses green tech chemicals. Ask all pertinent questions to make sure their techniques won’t ruin your home. Make sure they’re licensed and what their history is. See if there are valid referrals regarding their service and prices. Don’t go cheap when it comes to bed bug extermination. You might wipe out all but two bugs but two bugs are all you need to have a new infestation take root.

Your family and home are of the utmost importance to you. Bed bugs can send loved ones and pets to the hospital and bed bugs can ruin thousands of dollars of property. They have the edge as their natural survivors, millions of years old in evolutionary expertise. They’ll fight to the last but you’ve got modern technology on your side with these technologies improving every day. Considering the damage they do annually it’s a good bet that you’ll see more warfare against bed bugs in a big way.

Image credit: James Heilman, MD

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