Advantages of wearing Moonga Gemstone

Advantages of wearing Moonga GemstoneMoonga is a red colored gemstone which has great reverence in astrological field. Red coral is considered as the gemstone of the planet Mars. Unlike other gemstones, Coral is not a mined stone. The Coral gemstone is an organically formed stone which is found deep in the sea. Moonga is popular because of its wide variety of benefits on the wearer. Moonga stone is majorly worn by people who are suffering from Mangal Dosha in their horoscope. Moonga helps in nullifying negative effects of Mangal in one’s horoscope.

Characteristics of Moonga Gemstone:

  • One can buy moonga stone online from any of the renowned sellers by checking the lab certifications for authenticity. Only an authentic gemstone will have astrological significance.
  • The Coral Stone is available in many shapes such as round and oval.
  • If the wearer has Mars at a beneficial position in the horoscope, they can wear coral to gain maximum benefits.

Benefits of wearing Coral gemstone:

  • The gemstone can be highly beneficial for people who are suffering from mental issues or blood diseases.
  • Moonga also helps in boosting the self-confidence of the wearer.
  • It is also believed that moonga offers mental as well as physical strength to the wearer.
  • It offers protection from evil spirits and enemies with malice intentions.
  • The coral gemstone is packed with healing energy which helps in combating health issues such as bone marrow making the bones strong.
  • It can also help in issues such as brain tumor and breast cancer.
  • Mangal dosha is said to obstruct the marriage of the wearer. Wearing Moonga can help in materializing the marriage prospects.
  • Couples who have anissue in conceiving can also consult anastrologer and benefit from the coral gemstone.

Which coral stone to Buy?

  • The gemstone should weigh at least 1/10th in carat of the total body weight of the wearer and should be deep red to orange in coloras well as free from chemical treatments.
  • Italian Red Corals are said to be the best Coral stones.

About Neelam Gemstone

Blue Sapphire, a precious stone also known as Neelam, is one of the most effective and powerful gemstones of all. Neelam is considered as RashiRatna of Capricorn, and it is said to strengthen the planet Saturn. It brings prosperity, wealth, confidence and sharpness of mind in the wearer.

Benefits of Neelam:

  • The stone brings fortune, auspiciousness, and luck in life.
  • It is extremely helpful for business and trade.
  • It offers good health and strengthens legs, hair, and knee of the wearer.
  • Neelam is beneficial for Judges and Lawyers.
  • It also helps in nullifying the malice effects of Saturn.

Original Neelam stone price varies from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 200000 per carat. It is essential to buy natural gemstone which is spotless and free from chemical treatments. The price of the stone depends on the quality which is determinedin terms of cut, clarity, and weight. The shape of stone has nothing to do with astrological benefits.

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